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Sitefinity 4 Starter Kits: University Website

by Josh Morales

The famous Telerik International University (TIU) Website has been updated to Sitefinity 4.0, making full use of the powerful out-of-the-box functionality. This site was developed inside of 1 week, using ONLY the Sitefinity Dashboard to create and manage its content.

Template and Themes

The TIU starter kit features two professionally designed themes; one for spring and one for autumn. The theme is easily switchable, and will instantly propagate to all pages across the site.

University-Starter-Kit-Design University-Starter-Kit-Design

The project also comes with all the required theme files and templates, including a separate master page for the German version of the site.


Sample Pages and Content

TIU showcases the full power of Sitefinity 4 page and content management. The site makes use of News, Events, Galleries, Forms, and more, covering all the typical aspects of a University site.

University-Starter-Kit-Page University-Starter-Kit-News
University-Starter-Kit-Events University-Starter-Kit-Images


Sitefinity 4 shipped with a Beta version of the Newsletters module, allowing you to collect subscribers and manage campaigns right inside the dashboard. The TIU site makes use of this module, showing how easy it is to add this feature to your own website.


Silverlight Widgets

This starter kit also makes use of the new coverflow widget from the Telerik Silverlight Controls. This full source for this widget is included in the project for you to inspect and reuse in your own projects.


Remember that Sitefinity includes access to a wide range of Telerik products, including Silverlight, AJAX, and OpenAccess!


Sitefinity 4 has powerful localization features that make supporting additional languages a snap. The TIU Starter Kit makes extensive use of this, offering content in both English and German languages.

University-Starter-Kit-Pages University-Starter-Kit-German

Get Started

Like the Charity Starter Kit, Telerik International University is available as both a trial download as well as the online sandbox. Take a moment to try it out and be sure to share your experiences, comments, and suggestions.

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