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5 Things: New in Sitefinity 4 SP1

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New Series: 5 Things

Working with Sitefinity 4, I'm constantly discovering new ways the platform helps you accomplish a wide range of tasks. Some, like the Layout Editor, are obvious. However, most of the time it's the little things; the small details that provide a framework for solutions.

As a result, I've created a new series "5 Things" that take quick looks at solutions Sitefinity has to offer. From feature walkthroughs, widget reviews, code-snippets and more, this series will explore Sitefinity from all angles in brief, 5 point posts..

Sitefinity 4 SP1

With the SP1 release of Sitefinity 4, I thought it would be helpful to start this series with another quick look at some of the new improvements and additions.

1. Updated Rad Controls


Sitefinity 4 comes with full use of the Telerik RadControls, and with SP1, these have been updated to 2010 Q3, including two brand new controls: TreeList and Button.

2. Widget Templates Reset


You now have the ability to restore the default widget template with the click of a button. This is helpful if you edited the original template but want to revert it to its default state.

3. Error Logging

Sitefinity 4 SP1 now creates more detailed error reports in the error log (~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Logs) including the full exception and stack trace to help you debug your applications.

4. Backend Page Editor


SP1 brings complete support for the Backend Page Editor allowing you to edit Sitefinity with Sitefinity. This simplifies the process of adding new features and content to the backend editor. You can even use this to easily add custom modules as easily as you would add a page.

We'll explore this in a future post on the Backend Page Editor.

5. New Corporate Starter Kit


A brand new Starter Kit is also available with the SP1 release: Sitefinity Corporate Starter Kit.

This kit demonstrates how Sitefinity can be used by a Real Estate or Tourism company, including property listings, agent directory, maps, agent directory and more.

This kit as well as all the other Starter Kits are available for download in your Sitefinity Account.

Download and Upgrade

In addition to these new items, Sitefinity SP1 is an important update with many improvements and bug fixes. It is highly recommended that all customers apply this update as soon as possible.

For helpful tips on upgrading to SP1, take a look at my previous post: Upgrading Sitefinity Websites.

Finally, although the Five Things series has only just kicked off, I'd like to hear your thoughts. What would you like to see explored in this series? Have you discovered 5 Things of your own? Post in the comments, post in our Sitefinity Discussion Forums or send me an email (josh.morales at telerik dot com) and share your feedback, questions, and suggestions.


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  1. Lino Tadros Mar 15, 2011
    Great idea Josh, looking forward to reading your "5 things" articles
  2. Bye Bye Mar 20, 2011
    Not sold. 3.7 still vastly superior. Another loyal customer gone, never to return. "Error Logging"....really?
  3. Michael Russell Apr 07, 2011
    I'm guessing that the comments from "jingxi," "hbrfdh," and "wholesale asics running" show that you guys aren't currently using the Akismet spam protector piece that was in 3.7...
  4. Georgi Apr 08, 2011
    Hi Michael,

    Well, it's enabled for sure, but it seems it's not flawless :) Thanks for the note though!
  5. Gustafson Jan 17, 2012
    It really would be nice if Askimet was already configured by default...  can you point us to how that would be done in 4.x?
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