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Sitefinity Ecommerce is HERE

by User Not Found

I am pleased to be a part of the Telerik team that created the Sitefinity Ecommerce module!  The Ecommerce module allows a merchant to setup and configure an online store quickly and easily.  I love Sitefinity Ecommerce software and the ease of creating pages and dragging the Ecommerce widgets onto the pages.  Creating departments, products and product types also allows the merchant to setup  their store quickly and organize it using traditional hierarchical departments or to use familiar tags for taxonomy.

The initial release includes Catalog Management [managing products, product types and departments], viewing orders, configuring taxes (sales tax and VAT), real-time shipping, offline shipping methods, site-wide discounts, reporting and payment processing using PayPal PayflowPro and Authorize.Net AIM.

Sitefinity ecommerce delivers an all-encompassing customer experience: from the online store options - viewing a product listing, product detail, shopping cart, checkout and confirmation, to the personalized login with access to order history and shipment details.  

I’m thrilled with the power and the functionality that has been accomplished for this release.  There are so many features in this release that are extendable and will allow merchants/developers to create a customized online store. 

There are a lot of features on our Roadmap that I will be posting soon.   I will continue my blog posts introducing and discussing Ecommerce topics such as Product Types, Payment Processing, Shipping, Taxes, Promotions, integration with third-party software packages and many more.

Welcome to Sitefinity Ecommerce!  I would be happy to receive your feedback. 

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