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Sitefinity 5.0 New Ecommerce Features

by Steve Miller

Sitefinity Ecommerce 5.0 adds three highly requested features from our user community.

  1. Digital Downloads
  2. Pre-Processing hook
  3. Multilingual variations

These three features were highly suggested by our user community and will be featured in our Q1 webinar week starting February 20th.  During this week, Telerik Evangelists will be providing demonstrations showing new features and updates for ALL Telerik products.

Digital Downloads

Online stores now have the ability to create digital downloads to sell on their web site. This includes many type of documents including images, PDF’s, MP3’s, music files, text files - any type of digital file or document (eBook).

Customers purchase the digital download through the online store and after checking out, they must log into their “My Account” section and download the purchased file(s).

Pre-Processing Hook

The Pre-Processing hook provides the ability for a developer to cancel an order based on a custom order processing rule. You can create a custom rule to cancel the order if the order did pass certain pre-defined rules.  For example, you may want to check the inventory quantity from an ERP system before you communicate with the payment gateway. The OrderValidator class allows you the ability to show a Friendly Error Message on why an order did not go through.

(The pre-processing hook compliments our post-processing hook which was released in version 4.4.  With the post-processing hook,  a call can be made to a CRM or ERP system transmitting the successful order information automatically into a 3rd party system.)

Multilingual Variations

Sitefinity 4.4 introduced Attributes and Values. Attributes are groupings of options such as Size, Color, Material and values of these options could be Red, Green, Blue, etc… Once the attributes/values are created then you can “Edit the variations” and add attributes and values to products. If the site is multilingual then the attributes/values can also be shown another languages. 

Remember February 20th - 22nd, 2012 is webinar week at Telerik.

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