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Do you want to influence the Sitefinity product? Start now

by User Not Found

Following the agile processes within the Sitefinity team, we tend to express and shape our requirements in a user story format. Sometimes, though, we have to communicate complex changes of the system that need the opinion of multiple stakeholders such as architects, managers, and customers where user stories are falling short. In Sitefinity team we resort to one unconventional, but highly effective way of presenting an idea - we sketch comics stories.

For example, what would be a better way to represent your idea of connecting Pages and Content in Sitefinity than sketching the following comics? 

Pages/Content connection

The ability to associate content and pages along with the ability to associate content items with each other have been fairly requested features that should see day-light in the upcoming major releases of the product.

Now you have the chance to comment on our ideas before they have entered our production pipeline and help us shape the most suitable direction

  1. Share your comments on our idea/sketch
  2. Join us at the Sitefinity & Beyond event to learn more about all the top-notch features expected in the product, and how sketches are made.

The comics use “Robot” symbol by Simon Child, from collection.

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