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Sitefinity Ecommerce–Adding a customer survey or poll after purchase

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Poll and surveys are very common in ecommerce as it provides important marketing information from customer.   Most often you will find surveys which pop-up when a customer has successfully checked out.   In this blog post, I will show you how to create your own poll / survey asking the customer questions like “How was your shopping experience?


How it works

The survey works by using the Sitefinity form builder and creating a set a questions to ask the customer upon successful checkout.   The results are shown on the form builder page, however none of the results are shown together, or in a graph that a merchant could make sense out of. 


You could export the data into an excel file and create your own graphs, however I thought it would be nice to use the Poll Widget which the Sitefinity Developer Team built using the RadChart to display the results with.   

Getting Started

The first step is to create a form in the backend of Sitefinity and add a widget for Multiple Choices.   Edit the widget and input the questions you would like to ask and the options the user can select.   Save the form and then click on pages.

Next, create a page called Post Survey Results and drag the form builder widget onto this page.   I did not select a template to use when creating this page, as I would like to have a small popup window, say 400px  by 400px show up instead.   Once the form widget has been dragged on, also drag and drop a CSS style guide onto page.   In the CSS settings, I set the outer DIV tags to be 400px wide.

 width: 300px !important;

  min-width: 400px !important;
view raw CSS For Popup This Gist brought to you by GitHub.

Next, on my receipt page, I added some JavaScript to for opening up the new form page I created in a pop-up window.   Once a customer fills out the information, the data is saved and a thank you message is displayed."/online-shop/shop/survey","_blank","toolbar=yes, location=yes, directories=no, status=no, menubar=yes, scrollbars=yes, resizable=no, copyhistory=yes, width=400, height=400");

view raw OpenWindow This Gist brought to you by GitHub.

As you can see, creating a form in Sitefinity and presenting this to the customer is very easy to do.  However the data is not reported to the merchant in a way that is very usable. For this, I used the Sitefinity Poll Widget creating a new page in the Sitefinity backend page for display the results.  Once the page is created and the poll widget is placed onto the page, edit the properties of the poll widget, and select the form you want to show the results for.  Below is graph of what the results look like using the poll widget.  As you can see, the data is presented in a much easier way to understand, as each column represents the answer from a customer.


I created a quick 5 minutes video that shows how to do this.  I have also included a few tricks that you will need to know in order to use the poll widget.   You can also easily modify the poll widget to include additional questions or add color to the graph showing negative responses in red.

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