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Droomlapress II: Why Sitefinity is Better

by User Not Found
Thanks to everyone for a good conversation on the original Droomlapress blog. That post reviewed my personal experiences as an open-source administrator, and why I felt Sitefinity was better. Comments to "Confessions of a Recovering Droomlapress Administrator" wanted more specifics about how we thought Sitefinity was better than our Droomlapress CMS brethren.

While composing a response, an internal debate began here at Sitefinity. The developer crowd had their own concerns about Droomlapress. Surprisingly, many focused on the longer term implications of choosing an Open Source Droomlapress platform. The business/non-technical users among us found more wide-ranging Droomlapress drawbacks, that were somewhat unrelated to each other. Our answer was to develop two “Solution Briefs,” to tackle the concerns of each distinct group. Developers and business users face different challenges, and often seek different CMS solutions.

The beauty of Sitefinity is that we think we do a good job of addressing the concerns of each. We recognize that not all developers or business users are alike, but we hope that you’ll read on (they’re short we promise!) and gain some insight into the strengths we feel our CMS holds over the Droomlapress crowd. As always, we’d love your feedback.


For the Developer Solution Brief: Click Here

For the Business/Non-technical User Brief: Click Here

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  1. Matt Jan 15, 2013


    Please review the "Click Here" links above.  They did not work for me.  Seems that extra http:// code has been added.





  2. Paulette Stout Jan 15, 2013
    Sorry about that Matt! It's fixed now! :)
  3. Jerry Steele Jan 17, 2013

    Aww man! Behind a web-to-lead form!? Boo!  

    I'm already a customer...can't you hook a brother up? =)

  4. Paulette Stout Jan 17, 2013
    Done! Check your email... :)
  5. Paulette Stout Jan 17, 2013


    BTW: if you're logged-in, the form is already pre-filled for you and you just click submit. Thanks!

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