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You Had Me at Hello: How Do YOU Pick a CMS?

by User Not Found

The other day, I was in a team meeting witSitefinity CMS- The Clear Choiceh a web development agency from Maryland who has been developing on Sitefinity with increasing frequency. I was interested to hear what their experience was with their clients during the CMS selection process. They don’t work exclusively with Sitefinity, but they have been finding that our features, price point, usability, and extensibility are leading them to recommend us more and more over our competition. 

When I asked why, their answer was simple: they give clients demonstrations of CMS’s under consideration, describe the relative features and capabilities, and clients are virtually sold on Sitefinity. The agency was continually amazed how often prospective clients they’re bidding for have never seen demonstrations of the CMS’s under consideration. Side by side, Sitefinity is winning the day.

With Sitefinity 5.4 due out this week, it made me wonder, what is your process for picking a CMS with your clients? Do you show them each one side-by-side, or do they accept your recommendation sight-unseen? Have you found one method yields better long-term success? Love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

BTW: What is the latest version of Sitefinity that you’ve tried? We’ve made many improvements lately, with major performance enhancements (2-3 times) included in 5.4. Click here for a demo if you’re intrigued. Click here for What's Inside 5.4.


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  1. Bill Parkinson Feb 12, 2013

    We picked our CMS a few years back. We looked at the marketplace and our development strengths and chose Sitefinity. Iciniti was and is an ASPX, .NET, C# development house, so Sitefinity was a natural choice. Iciniti develops an eCommerce add-on to Sitefinity that is deeply integrated to Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac), but just as deeply integrated to Sitefinity. We have added over 150 controls to Sitefinity to manage our integration.

    Therefore, our clients don't get side-by-side comparisons because they are really choosing a deeply integrated eCommerce solution - Sitefinity is just a major benefit to them. Iciniti made the choice for them, and it has worked out well for our clients and us.

  2. Joe N Feb 12, 2013

    There are many things to look for in a content management system but here are a few of the more important ones:

    Quick and easy installation

    Simple administration interface

    Quick and easy extension of CMS for extra functionality

    Simple template manipulation

    Helpful user community

    Although this may seem counter intuitive, look for the CMS with the best design appeal for you. Having an appealing design is one of the best indicators that the interface will be user friendly, though always remember to do your research before investing your time and energy into any particular system.

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