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Sitefinity 5.4 Ecommerce Highlights

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Sitefinity 5.4 has been a busy release for the Ecommerce module, we introduced a ton of exciting new features namely Wish List, a more granular tax defining mechanism for US merchants, a shiny new Sales Summary report and ability to easily search for orders in the backend. To go along with these new features we made some improvements to our API and fixed some of the most requested PITS items.

Let’s go into a short detail about each of the new features –

Wish List

Wish lists are a wonderful way for a shopper to keep track of products they are interested in from any Ecommerce website. In recent years, with the growth of social media, wish lists are also a mechanism to let friends and family know what products they could purchase as a gift. Starting in Sitefinity 5.4 the Ecommerce module solves both these scenarios by having the ability to save a product for later in their wish list and if they would like, publically share it on social networks or by email.  

 Sales Summary Report

 A merchant of any Ecommerce store would like to see subtotals, tax, shipping, discounts and gross sales for a specified date range. So, we added a new Sales Summary Report showing aggregated data for each day.  We show the merchant an easy one-glance overview of totals at the top, followed by a graph representation of the same data to notice any trends. We also show a detailed view for each day for further data analysis purposes. An option to export the report is also present which allows the merchant to use the data across other mediums.


Narrow taxes by zip, city and county for US merchants

Applying taxes on a more granular level in US has been one of the most requested item for Sitefinity Ecommerce. Starting in 5.4, US merchants can now apply sales tax to a city / county / zip code or a zip code range. The customer will be prompted for their county during checkout (additional setup required: go to advanced settings on the checkout widget and set GetCountyInformation to true) so that the correct sales tax rate can be applied.


Additional Improvements

We value the feedback from our community a lot. We have listened to the requests and enhanced certain aspects in the system to make not only the merchants but also the developer’s life easier.

Merchant specific enhancements include the ability to search for an order by entering an order number, customer name, or email address and also filter by the order status to narrow the order listing. This would help the merchant in finding and managing orders more effectively. A merchant can now add a surcharge to USPS shipping rates.  The surcharge can be defined for each shipping service and will be included in the shipping rates shown to the customer during checkout for each shipping service. 

Developer specific enhancements include a lot of bug fixes, ability to read and write dynamic fields to the customer model. Please refer to our release notes for a full list of bugs that are fixed in the release.

Additionally, the “Buy Now” widget incorporates the inventory checks so the customer will only be able to purchase products defined by the inventory configuration for that product.

Enhanced API

We also have enhanced the API in 5.4 such as ability to change the order confirmation email formatting logic. Ability to pick (using any custom rules) which Sales Tax to apply to a shopping cart. Ability to override the order calculations. We also have two events when a wish list item is added to the shopping cart and when a wish list item is purchased by someone else.

I hope you enjoy the additions to Sitefinity 5.4 Ecommerce module.  Please leave me comments - I'd love to hear from you.


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  1. Don Mar 11, 2013
    When you change things (make methods obsolete), please provide documentation to support it. Is that too much to ask?
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