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Ecommerce is More Than a Shopping Cart - Plus: Take Survey and Win

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Connected to our March 14th webinar, "Making Your CMS the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution", we are offering a short Ecommerce survey.  It's only 8 questions, and completing it makes you eligible to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Admittedly, I’m very into Ecommerce being the Product Manager. I dream of clients romancing their shoppers with robust content that includes rich descriptions, stories, beautiful images and videos. I envision products leaping off the page and right into online shopping carts. Money flowing, smiles everywhere…

This might sound a little corny, but in truth, the more you enhance your product content, the more you will sell. Tell the story. But once the story is told, how does it all tie together? How do you tie all this telling and selling into one cohesive platform? The answer is you need a CMS that is also your Ecommerce solution--that’s how you make your CMS the Ultimate Ecommerce engine. 

It’s so easy to get creative when engaging customers via a true integrated solution. Sure customers can buy, check-out, and be done with it, or you can encourage them to engage further:

  • Save items to a wish list resulting in return visits and possible additional sales. Sharing wish lists with family and friends brings new prospects to your store.
  • Build and promote your brand by sharing on social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest.
  • Personalize your customer experience by tracking page visits, location and products reviewed to guide future shopping experiences
  • Create newsletters or email campaigns to reach out to your customers and entice them to return to your store
  • And much, much more...

Sitefinity Ecommerce is so much more than just a shopping cart, I encourage you to join our webinar—and of course take the survey—to find out more.  See you on March 14th!

Take Survey and Win!

Answer the questions on the survey about your Ecommerce needs and one lucky person will win an Amazon gift card for $100. You will have until March 22, 2013 to complete the survey.

Thank you!  Your feedback is invaluable.


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  1. Simon Song Mar 14, 2013
    If you fill out the survey and hit submit, it will send you do a 500 error.
  2. Teresa Mar 14, 2013
    Hi Simon,  It's been fixed.  Thank you!

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