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Kick Start Your Mobile Strategy with the Five Ps

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I’m fresh back from the Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A) show in London. We had a great crowd at the Sitefinity stand for our mini-seminars, and particularly for my inspired seminar about the “5 P’s” organizations can use to kick start their mobile strategy

Since mobile strategy is a complicated topic for many, I figured I’d distill it down to its core elements and remove the unnecessary complications. My approach resonated with people, so I wanted to share these same insights with those not at the show. I don’t like to brag, but my audience looks pretty mesmerized, don’t you think? 

Five P’s to Kick Start Your Mobile Strategy

  • P #1: People: who’s coming to your website on a mobile device? Customers, staff, clients? Who? When you know this, you have a sound foundation for your planning.
  • P#2: Place: Where are they coming from? Search engines? Landing pages? Ads? What sources are driving your mobile traffic?
  • P#3: Purpose: Why are they coming to you site, and what are they looking to do? This is critical to understand so you can…
  • P#4: Prioritize. You’re not likely going to tackle your whole website in one bit. So, using data to understand what pages are the most active among mobile visitors will help you assign priority. For instance, pages with 25% of traffic coming from mobile visitors would be handled ahead of those with 4%.
  • P#5:Pitch: Your content management system should be helping you make mobile work. People visit your site to search through content, so your CMS should be front and center helping you manage it all and deliver superior mobile experiences for your site visitors.

As it happens, I know just the CMS equipped to realize your mobile ambitions: Sitefinity. Sitefinity’s architecture is designed to optimize mobile experiences directly in the UI, helping clients leverage everything form mobile websites, to Responsive Design—with still more mobile features coming in April with Sitefinity 6.0. This infographic makes the case for Responsive Design pretty effectively if you’re interested. To sum up, you need to address mobile and great platforms like Sitefinity are engineered to make mobile work for your organization. You just need to hop on for the ride.

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