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Hello Sitefinity

by Chris Eargle

May 9 was an exciting day. I was celebrating my birthday, I was flying to the Telerik North American headquarters in Boston, and I officially joined the Sitefinity team!

Since this is my first post for the Sitefinity Developer Network, I felt it proper to introduce myself. My name is Chris Eargle, and I am the new Technology Evangelist for Sitefinity.

I became involved with the Telerik Insider program at its inception. In 2011, my hobby became a job when Telerik hired me as an evangelist. Since then, I’ve focused on our line of Visual Studio Productivity Tools. I recently requested to join Sitefinity as it is in the center of the emerging web, cloud, and mobile paradigm.[1]

What Exactly Do You Do?

Reactions vary when I reveal my job title, and sometimes it can be rather awkward. I quickly learned to say I’m a programmer when going through customs and immigration. I am actually a software developer, but my day is a little different from most developers.

Sitefinity is a content management system. It is an ecommerce system. It is an online business platform. Let me stress that: Sitefinity is a platform.

Sitefinity is a robust CMS application. With it, businesses can deploy, customize, and manage powerful, interactive websites. But platforms are more than applications. A good platform is infinite in its application.

My job is to expand the developer community around Sitefinity, and a visible way in which I will achieve this is through demonstrating how to leverage Sitefinity for various scenarios. Many of you are already sharing your knowledge; most of us like to talk code. I will help make sure your blog posts and videos receive the visibility they deserve.

Join Me

The Sitefinity Developer Network will soon undergo changes. Please subscribe to our RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, or join Sitefinity Devs on G+ if you would like to stay current. It is my vision that we will become an essential resource for not only Sitefinity developers, but for all developers building systems in the web, cloud, and mobile paradigm.

  1. ^ Google referred to mobile, web, and cloud as the “Triple Crown of Modern Applications” at Google I/O 2013.


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  1. Craig May 22, 2013
    Hey Chris,

    Quick question, any plans to help out with the monthly technical Sitefinity webinars?

  2. Chris Eargle May 23, 2013
    Hi Craig,

    Yes, I will be involved. For the next few, I'm answering questions on the panel. Right now, the plan is for me to run them in the near future.

  3. Lino May 24, 2013
    Congratulations Chris!
    We all wish you a tremendous success and look forward to seeing you real soon

    All the best

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