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  • Using Kendo UI with Sitefinity User Controls

    This week, Sitefinity partner Falafel Software has been exploring using Telerik's Kendo UI JavaScript platform within Sitefinity. Be sure to take a look at these articles for some of the background that not only inspired this article, but made it possible. Using Kendo with Sitefinity - Part 1 - Kendo ...
  • Inter-field communication: dynamic states dropdown depending on a country dropdown

    Field controls are a powerful instrument when editing data in the Sitefinity backend. Sometimes however you need to change a list of possible choices in a field control depending on another field control. This blog post describes how to implement a Country and State dropdown field controls, where the State ...
  • Extending the default Pager control

    The stock Pager control has nice features, but sometimes you need to add additional functionality to it, or simply change the way it looks. This can be achieved very easy by inheriting from the base Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Pager class. In this blog post I will customize the pager in a way that ...
  • Using Sitefinity's Selectors in Custom Field Controls - Part 1 - Page Selector Field

    This blog post is the first part of a series that will describe how to use the various Sitefinity selectors in your own custom field controls. Selectors are very useful when you need to pick an existing item from your project - page, user, role, image, etc. The first part ...
  • Client side multipage forms

    Telerik Sitefinity CMS comes with a Forms module featuring different widgets like checkboxes, multiple choices and so on. The widgets support validation, customization of titles and messages. This allows for the easy creation of surveys and questionnaires. There are cases when large surveys or questionnaires are not usable to set ...
  • Using Update Panel in sitefinity

    If you try to use the update panel in Sitefinity and check Include Script Manager setting in page properties you will run into a little problem. Apparently, the update panel control expect to have registered a script manager on the page during the execution of OnInit method.  This is a ...
  • Registering custom pipes in Sitefinity

    Introduction Prior to Sitefinity 4.2 it was not possible or at least not easy to change or extend the publishing system of Sitefinity. That's why we reworked the publishing system with the idea one to be able to extend it or change it easily. The main idea is to add ...
  • Building Data Layers Quickly with OpenAccess

    In last week’s webinar on building Sitefinity Intra-Site Modules, we used the Entity Framework to build a simple data layer, as we have had many requests for a module example that does not use OpenAccess. However, I wanted to take this opportunity to compare this approach to OpenAccess by ...
  • Upgrading Sitefinity 4 Websites

    One of the most helpful features of the new Sitefinity 4 Project Manager is the built-in ability to update projects to the latest version. Now that the SP1 update has been released, this helpful guide should walk you through the process of using the Project Manager to ensure all your ...