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  • Sitefinity MVC Store Sample Website Project

    As mentioned in today's webinar, Sitefinity now includes full support for developing using ASP.NET MVC. Because this implementation is fully in line with Microsoft's guidelines, we can make use of their samples and code from the ASP.NET MVC website. I've put together one of those samples using Sitefinity CMS for ...
  • Sitefinity 4 Starter Kits: Charity Website

    The Charity Starter Kit was inspired by the Microsoft GiveCamp and was designed to provide a quick but complete website for a non-profit organization. It includes all the typical features of a website, as well as helpful widgets to add new functionality and social connectivity. Credentials By default the login ...
  • Facebook, C# and Sitefinity Integration Part II

    On my last post about Facebook, I showed you how to get started using the popular social networking tool. Though I did get to Facebook integration during my recent webinar, you can get the sample code for Facebook integration here. Before proceeding, please read the Facebook blog post I ...
  • Showing 3rd Party RSS Feeds

    **Sample Code is Available Here**   Introduction   You can show RSS Feeds from 3rd party websites because RSS Feed data is in XML, so you just need to load it into a dataset, select a table from it, and bind it to a data-bound control. This article will discuss ...
  • Google Checkout Integration

    **Sample Code Available Here** Introduction In a basic view, an e-Commerce system is a product list, a shopping cart and a checkout area. Many businesses will provide you with a shopping cart and checkout area. Often, they pass a small fee to your customers for their services. Sitefinity can provide ...
  • Facebook, C# Sitefinity Integration

    **Sample Code Available Here** Introduction Facebook offers a C# API that allows you to display a friend list on your website. To implement this within Sitefinity, you must obtain a Facebook user account, obtain a Facebook API Key, download the Facebook SDK, bind a Repeater to your friend list, and ...
  • How to Implement a YouTube Video List into Sitefinity

    Introduction YouTube, which is owned by Google, offers an RSS Feed of video content from their website. Software developers can subscribe to these feeds, which include feeds by keyword, a user's playlist, and most watched videos. Although there are many feeds you can use, this article will show to how ...
  • How to Integrate Amazon Advertising API - Linq to Amazon

    Earlier, I did a blog post on integrating Amazon Associates API into Sitefinity. Although that widget works fine, what is you want to the product list look a certain way? What if you want to show a specific product based on an ID number, which Amazon calls an ASIN? If ...
  • How to Integrate an Amazon Associates Products Widgets into Sitefinity

    Introduction offers a sales associate service where you can receive a 15% of the purchase price as compensation. By placing a special widget on your website, choosing some products to advertise, uploading a user control with special JavaScript on your website, you can easily use your website to earn ...
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Sitefinity

    On the internet, personal information passes between a user’s computer and a website’s server. While some of this information is non-confidential, other information is sensitive. To ensure safety, software developers encrypt information in two ways: asymmetric encryption and symmetric encryption.   In Symmetric Encryption, both parties encrypt and decrypt messages ...