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  • Hiding Libraries Based on User Role - Part II

    Using a LoginView control, you could bind a RadGrid to a specific library and place it inside of the LoginView's Logged in template. The code below binds a library called documents to a RadGrid, then hides the content based on a user's role:   LoginViewTest.ascx   <%@ Control Language=...
  • Hiding Libraries Based on User Role

    Introduction Sitefinity cannot hide image, document or video libraries out of the box. You can, however, hide these libraries by overriding the library repeater's item databound event, finding the download link and disabling it. Overriding Templates Before reading the article below, please read this article on overriding views. Instructions...
  • Google Sitemap

    There are many 3rd party tools that will make a Sitemap from a Sitefinity site for you. One of them is XML-  To create a sitemap from their site, follow these instructions:   Go to their website Complete the form on page Download the uncompressed sitemap, which is ...