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  • How to add predefined values to the backend create view of Dynamic content items

     An interesting request we received form a client last week was to add predefined values to some of the dynamic content item properties on creation. This could help content authors to avoid typing the same content over and over again on each newly created item, adding some predefined formulas, etc....
  • Minification of layout_transofrmation.css

    We have had multiple requests for a possible option to minify the generated "on the fly" layout_transformations.css file. Fulfilling this task requires several steps, which I will describe bellow. First, it is needed to change the default handler once the Bootstrapper completes the initialization in Global.asax file as follows: public...
  • Implement custom "System is restarting..." message in Sitefinity

    Until now, the message when the application pool is recycled was unextendable, but since our latest internal build (Sitefinity 7.1.5205), this could be easily achieved as our dev team exposed two methods in SitefinityHttpModule: /// <summary>         /// Called on begin request during system restarting. The request should be completed ...
  • Dynamic content in navigation

    Making a dynamic navigation that incorporates product offerings, content or specials can drastically improve the end user experience. This blog post explains a technique that allows you to extend the navigation to include any type of content.  Currently Sitefinity can display only items of type PageNode (i.e. Pages) in the ...
  • Implement Related Comboboxes in Widget Designer For Page Control in Sitefinity CMS

    The implementation of two comboboxes in designer in Sitefinity CMS is an easy task. The bigger challenge is to "link" them and populate one depending on the other's value. In this sample I have generated a ready-to-use widget with designer with Sitefinity Thunder Extension for Visual Studio. Thunder wires up ...
  • Right-to-left Writing Format for Sitefinity's Backend

    Sitefinity does not contain an out-of-the box right-to-left writing theme. This short blog post illustrates how to modify your built-in theme to match your desired writing style. First, we need to download the already modified Sitefinity Theme with right-to-left writing style. Actually the only modified line is in “/CSS/Layout.css...
  • How To Modify an Item Template In Sitefinity CMS To Show Some Custom Data?

    In Sitefinity CMS we have a built in ability to modify any control ascx template from the backend, but to implement some custom code-behind logic, we will have to add new web control to our Sitefinity project with Visual Studio. The main ascx template difference between single item and list view ...