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  • How to: Exclude a Page from Sitefinity Internal Search

    As you probably know, in Sitefinity CMS it is easy to disable page indexing from external search crawlers (like Google bot, etc.) by unchecking the "Allow search engines to index this page" property. However, that page will still be indexed by the internal Sitefinity search engine and will appear in the list of ...
  • Working with Related Dynamic Content Items in Sitefinity

    This blog post can serve as a successor of the one Rado wrote a year ago on the same subject. However, there have been many improvements in the Module Builder and Sitefinity Thunder since then that will allow us to accomplish the task much easier. I hope it can be ...
  • Trim the Search Results based on permissions / roles

    Edit: The code was updated to work correctly when Paging is enabled. This blog post will guide you through the steps on how to trim the search results based on permissions or roles. Let's start with the use case:  I've got a page which is visible only to authenticated ...
  • Sorting the Search Results

    Edit: The below blog post is supported on versions till 7.2. In case using Sitefinity 7.3+ you can refer to the documentation article here. Scenario I want to be be able to give certain search results higher precedence than others in the full list of results. Think of it ...