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  • Configuring Facebook Feeds in Sitefinity CMS

    In order to get the Facebook feeds working with Sitefinity CMS, there are few configurations that need to be set and taken into consideration firstly. Firstly there is a new property that was introduced in Sitefinity 6.1 called EnableDtdProcessing ( located under Settings -> Advanced - Publishing ) which needs ...
  • Adding functionality for deleting multiple products at once

    When working with the Ecommerce module you might encounter the need to remove multiple products from the CMS at once. By default, the backend grid view allows you to delete one product at a time, which will slow down the process, if you need to remove several products at once....
  • Extending the registration widget - adding a country dropdown list

    At some point you might encounter the need to display certain amount of data in a way the user can easily interact with, when being registered to your site. In the past, we had several requests by users which were related to the extension of the registration form control, to ...