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The State of
Multi-Site Management

Understanding and Overcoming the Pitfalls of Managing Multiple Websites

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In this digital age, websites within a single company can proliferate at an alarming rate. New products, new corporate initiatives, new platforms (such as mobile) and new geographies can each require separate online presences of their own. And if just establishing all of those online outposts wasn’t enough, organizations also have to manage and update them simultaneously and in real time—all while keeping ever-more demanding customers happy in the process.

'The State of Multi-Site Management' reveals the extent of the resulting siloed website mess, its negative impact on organizations and emerging best practices.

Download this extensive 20+ page report, based on over 280 responses from marketing and IT leaders, conducted by Scratch Marketing + Media in collaboration with Progress Sitefinity.

Key Takeaways

  • Organizations manage multiple digital and mobile properties:

    Over 40 percent of respondents to our survey manage between two and five websites; 30 percent between six and 20; and fully 20 percent are straddled with managing more than 20 websites.

  • The opportunity cost of maintaining disparate website properties is big:

    It starts as soon as organizations introduce their second website.

  • The cost of website management increases as brands add more digital properties:

    50 percent of those managing between 10 and 20 websites are worried they are paying more than they should. This concern grows to 56 percent for organizations managing 50+ digital properties.

  • More than one-third of organizations are concerned about their ability to attract leads with their current web content management (WCM):

    With well over 40 percent of brands starting out on a multi-site journey, i.e. between two and 10 websites, one-third of businesses are worried about their ability to capture leads and prospects.

  • Best practices for managing multiple websites are emerging:

    One-third of companies are unifying their websites under modern WCM systems with multi-site management capabilities; yet over 50 percent of brands are still on the fence with no plan to unify.

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