linoLino Tadros, President and CEO of Falafel Software

Alain "Lino" Tadros is President & CEO of Falafel Software, a Silicon Valley based company, with presence in Colorado,Texas, Michigan, Florida and North Carolina, dedicated to providing world-class consulting, training, and software development for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses.

 robertRobert Mattson, Director of Product Marketing, Progress Sitefinity CMS:

Robert is the Director of Product Marketing for the Progress Sitefinity product. Mr. Mattson has been in the technology space for over 25 years with companies such as Allaire, Eprise, Applix, ADP and Workscape. His focus has been on how technology can be effectively leveraged to overcome both technical and business challenges.

About the webinar

Hammers and screwdrivers are both useful tools, but you don't want to use one when you should use another. The same goes for complementary solutions like Microsoft SharePoint and Progress Sitefinity. In fact, Microsoft announced that they are discontinuing support for Microsoft SharePoint Online for external websites. Every solution has strengths, and to be successful you have to align those strengths to the right projects.

During this webcast, you’ll hear from two experts about how SharePoint and Sitefinity CMS can work together, and how .NET developers and non-technical people can get the most out of these solutions. Lino Tadros, President and CEO of Falafel Software, is a leading expert in both Sitefinity CMS and SharePoint, and Robert Mattson, Director of Sitefinity Product Marketing will discuss the pros and cons of using each solution.

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