Realize the benefits of a .NET-based CMS vs. Drupal

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Realize the benefits of a
.NET-based CMS vs. Drupal

In a world where websites need to be faster and easier to build, it is critical you select the right CMS as the foundation of your organization’s website. However, with so many CMS systems on the market, it is almost impossible to make the right selection.

So, where do you start? As a seasoned technologist, your first instinct is to evaluate systems based on the underlying technology. Hence the case for a true .NET-based CMS such as Progress® Sitefinity™ vs. the open-source favorite, Drupal. And although that is a good place to start, there are other considerations as well, such as:

  • Ease of setup and administration means less of your time is required before ROI is met
  • Support for key functionality like responsive design and multisite management means marketing won’t be asking you to replace it within a year

But don’t fall into the trap of making it all about you either, your marketing team has its own requirements too.  A system that is easy to use but also provides all the latest features (including content authoring, asset management, content queues and rich text editing) will keep them happy, productive and self-sufficient.

Feature-by-feature, you’ll see how a .NET CMS compares to an open-source one so you can make the best decision for your business with technology that easily enables growth.

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