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A Mobile CMS For Any Strategy: Responsive Design, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites

Don’t let web content management limitations dictate your mobile development strategy. Take advantage of a full spectrum of mobile options with the Mobile CMS by Sitefinity.

CMS for Any Mobile Strategy

Progress® Sitefinity™ integrates all popular device-agnostic and device specific mobile strategies, so you can engage your customers and empower mobile employees. From Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites to Responsive Design, Sitefinity CMS seamlessly integrates mobile into the content management experience.

Learn more with the "Three Steps to a Better Mobile Strategy" whitepaper.  

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A Customized Experience for Any Mobile Device
Sitefinity CMS for any mobile strategy

Mobile App Builder

Sitefinity makes mobile apps a reality for everyone. Using Sitefinity CMS Mobile App Builder you can create mobile apps by simply checking a box to re-purpose content. Any content can be used to create apps that work on any device. Mobile apps create the ultimate engagement experience by leveraging device sensors and data, such as geolocation, to boost the relevancy of your content.

Use Sitefinity's Module Builder to create mobile apps

Mobile Content Management and Responsive Web Design

Sitefinity has a built-in Responsive Design Engine that automatically adapts pages for any device and screen size based on pre-defined rules. This is all handled through the user interface and there’s no technical knowledge required.

Learn more about Responsive Web Design with the "Which Mobile Strategy is Right for You" infographic.


CMS that supports responsive web design

Mobile-Friendly Navigation

Mobile visitors need to easily navigate your website. Navigation that extends beyond the screen or is hard-to-tap will result in frustration and site abandonment. Sitefinity comes with built-in responsive navigation widgets that enable touch-friendly navigation for mobile devices using predefined CSS. This will allow you to accelerate mobile content delivery and strengthen engagement with visitors that browse your site on mobile devices.

Mobile Navigation


Preview and test how your responsive pages transform across mobile devices to ensure content is being optimized. Sitefinity has a built-in emulator that represents how content is displayed on over 20 different device types, allowing you see and refine the content settings prior to publishing it live on your responsive site. Preview devices include: iPhone, iPad, HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and more.

Test mobile device optimizations with Sitefinity’s built-in emulator

Personalize Mobile Content 

Automatically connect visitors with personalized content based on criteria you define. These customer segments are retained and further optimized for a mobile viewing by employing mobile strategies, such as Responsive Design. With Sitefinity mobile apps, you can segment your content delivery using personalization factors such as location or time of day to ensure the best and most relevant content is delivered to mobile visitors.

Connect visitors with personalized mobile content

Screen Size Detection

Sitefinity automatically detects the screen size of each accessing device and then can redirect to a mobile website specifically designed for this screen size. Whether visitors are surfing from a smartphone, tablet, or full-sized screen, Sitefinity’s screen size detection feature ensures your website will always look and function at its best.

Sitefinity's screen size detection feature

Customize Mobile Apps in the Cloud

You can easily customize your Sitefinity mobile apps in the cloud by exporting them straight to Progress® Telerik Platform. With Telerik Platform you gain access to a full-featured mobile app development environment that leverages cloud-based technologies. It also enables you to use your skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop, test, and publish applications that run natively on the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platforms. Telerik Platform combines the convenience of a local coding environment with cloud-based compilation, data storage and publishing.

Learn more about Progress Telerik Platform.
Sitefinity mobile app customization in the cloud


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