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Create Mobile Apps With Your CMS Content

Mobilize your Sitefinity CMS content easily with DigitalFactory

No-Code Content Integration with Mobile App Development Platform

Easily publish any Sitefinity content in mobile apps built by Progress® DigitalFactory™, an industry leading mobile application development platform solution, via the Progress Sitefinity data connector. All this available out of the box without writing any code!

Out-of-the-box content integration

Customized Publishing to Mobile Apps via RESTful Web Services

Get complete control over publishing your content to mobile apps in a customized manner via RESTful web services.

RESTful Web Services

Fully Flexible: Build Hybrid or Native Apps

Leverage either the DigitalFactory Cordova framework that produces hybrid apps to target multiple devices, or the NativeScript® framework to create native apps with a truly compelling user experience. The choice is yours.

Build Hybrid or Native Apps

Provide Relevant Location-Based Information

Location is an essential context that mobile devices provide for delivering relevant information to your customers. You can utilize the Cordova or NativeScript API to quickly build location-driven mobile applications hooked to Google maps that show the nearest store or bank office. Serving location-relevant information to your clients has never been easier.

Location Enabled

One Codebase for Multiple Platforms

The beauty of DigitalFactory is that it can deliver cross platform apps with a single codebase through Cordova or NativeScript. Cordova combines standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript with APIs to allow access to device-specific capabilities. NativeScript delivers device and platform-specific capabilities through its JavaScript API mapping.

Multiple Platforms

Get End-to-End Mobile Application Development Benefits

DigitalFactory covers the whole development cycle from version control, builds for all platforms without investing in specific hardware, testing and debugging, simulating, publishing to app stores and tracking app usage or crash analytics.

Mobile Application Development Benefits

Extend Your Mobile App with Beautiful UI Widgets or Views

DigitalFactory uses the Kendo UI MVVM pattern and Single-Page App pattern to achieve native quality responsiveness on any modern, mobile device. You can add business-specific features to your app by creating new views and view model functions.

Extensible Patterns

Be Fully Productive in Your Favorite IDEs

No need to change your development habits and start learning a new IDE. Simply download mobile apps extension for Visual Studio or NativeScript extension for Visual Studio Code and start coding away to make awesome mobile apps.


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