Responsive Design:
The Only Mobile Strategy That Scales
There Aren't Two Webs:
Mobile & Desktop
Instead there are a spectrum of devices used to access ONE web:
8% Smartphones
17% Tablets
22% Netbooks
17% Notebooks
30% Desktop
6% Large desktop
The Take Away:
Mobile strategies that focus on one device neglect MOST visitors.
What are your mobile options?
Mobile Website
  • Specialized website for one device
  • Straight-forward to create
  • Less code = “Lighter”
  • Doesn’t address spectrum of devices in use today
  • Duplicated content
  • Not aligned with SEO best practices
Mobile Apps
  • Very specialized and optimized task-focused experience
  • Device-specific capabilities (geo-location, notifications)
  • Constant reminder of your brand/site
  • Difficult to create and must be created for multiple platforms
  • Must pre-package for multiple app stores
  • Sits outside the CMS
Responsive Design
  • One website for all devices
  • Naturally SEO friendly
  • Aligned with best practices
  • Coexists with other mobile strategies
  • Challenging to set-up, maintain and test
  • Difficult to apply to large existing sites
  • No unique device experiences
The Strategy that Scales:
Responsive Design

Only a device-agnostic mobile strategy is capable of delivering optimized experiences to ALL of today's devices!

Benefits of Responsive Design:
  1. Optimized mobile experience for unlimited devices - plus those yet to be born!
  2. Naturally SEO friendly - Keep your PageRank with one website.
  3. Aligned with best practices - Even Google recommends it.
  4. Can coexist with Mobile Website AND Mobile Apps
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