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Visual Studio Integration with Sitefinity Thunder

Do more without leaving the comforts of Visual Studio

Increase Developer Productivity

Spend less time reading documentation and more time coding. Sitefinity Thunder is a Visual Studio extension that trims hours off of development tasks by automating or completely eliminating a lot of the manual work associated with typical platform customization.

Increase Developer Productivity

Skip the Boring Stuff with Code Templates

Focus on custom logic and presentation rather than on wiring up the foundation. Sitefinity Thunder contains a rich set of templates that provide the “boilerplate” code needed for customizations. This enables you to rapidly create the widgets, modules, themes and other extensions necessary to customize your web project.

Skip the boring stuff with Code Templates

Access Sitefinity from Visual Studio

Constantly switching between environments can be distracting. Sitefinity Thunder helps you stay focused on your code by connecting to external Sitefinity instances from inside Visual Studio. That means you’re able to modify templates, register widgets, update themes and much more without leaving the IDE.

Access Sitefinity from Visual Studio

Contextual Help Through IntelliSense

Sitefinity Thunder lets you enjoy IntelliSense while editing your templates. This allows you to quickly access properties or create complex data queries. Again, spend less time referring to documentation and more time addressing your project’s unique challenges.

Contextual help through IntelliSense

All your Code and Projects in One Place

Have your hands in multiple projects at once? Sitefinity Thunder makes it easy for you to centrally manage connections to all of their projects in one place. Once these connections are established, custom code (widgets, themes, templates, modules, etc.) can be deployed to any Sitefinity instance with a single click. This makes it incredibly easy to create a suite of Sitefinity extensions and then reuse them in multiple projects.

All your code and projects in one place

Additional Features of Sitefinity Thunder Include:

  • One-click creation, registration, uploading and maintenance of Sitefinity themes;
  • One-click creation of widgets and designers;
  • Generation of designers for existing controls;
  • Generation of content selectors for images, documents and dynamic content;
  • Reuse of themes, widgets, designers across all projects;
  • Creation of custom modules and configuration sections;

Sitefinity Thunder is a fast paced product that is updated every two weeks. Join our discussion forums and shape the future of transparent CMS development.


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