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Optimize Content Marketing For Your Target Personas

Create and personalize experiences that matter to your ideal buyers

Create Impactful Content

Creating targeted and discoverable content is at the heart of every successful content marketing strategy. Sitefinity allows you to manage your defined target personas in order  to streamline your process of delivering content that your buyers would like. You can define and manage guidelines on keywords, messages and content relevant to your ideal customers.


Profile Your Audience

Use the Persona Scoring interface to accurately measure if known or anonymous visitors fit any of your persona profiles. The Persona engine can dynamically assign a primary persona and unlimited secondary personas for each of your visitors and allows you to build a flexible personalization strategy for your customers. 


Deliver Personal Experiences

Personalize the experience of your visitors based on their persona profile and serve content that is relevant to them. This helps you match each visitors’ interests and preferences to relevant content in the system and allows you to gain maximum relevance and impact. 



Provide Sales with Lead Insights

Contact profiles showcase valuable insight for every single user. At a single glance you can understand which profiles match the user behavior. You can capture data from various different systems in order to easily understand customer behavior across channels and help your sales and demand generation team engage in the most meaningful way. 


Measure Audience Trends

Persona Analytics shows you how all your visitors are segmented into your defined target personas and how this changes over time. You can use these insights in your content marketing and demand generation strategy to plan efficient lead acquisition and conversion strategies. Persona Analytics can quantify if you are successful with attracting and engaging with your target audience as measurement of the relevance of your content. 



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