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Shareholders Don’t Count Clicks

What do you use to track your success? Clicks? Open rates? Tweets? Marketers can’t afford to continue measuring just tactical KPIs in a world in which the Marketing function is being measured as closely as Finance or Manufacturing. Only recently has technology made it possible to connect the dots between marketing spend and business results.

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud quantifies your marketing programs and activities according to their impact on high-level goals, such as demo trials or purchases. Within minutes, you can set your business goals and KPIs, define your marketing efforts, and the system will start making the connections for you.  


Shareholders dont count

Marketing Attribution

Ever wondered what your most successful and least successful campaigns are? The answer depends heavily on how you measure results. Marketing attribution is a qualitative analysis on top of quantitative data such as clicks, views and opens. It tells you not only how many hits your recent campaign received, but  which campaign drove the most purchases and which marketing asset will make your visitors 10, 20 and even 40 times more likely to convert. 

Marketing Attribution

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking in the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud provides a historic view of any conversion, short or long term, along with data about which campaigns and assets contributed most. The system uses past conversion data to provide predictions and recommendations, to enable the fastest, largest possible improvement.

Conversion Tracking

Persona Profiling

Persona Profiles provide a framework that helps you tailor your message, personalize content and understand your audience. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud makes it easy to create and manage personas. It can profile every single visitor–anonymous or not–according to your buyer personas, and it enables you to personalize the message based on the profiles they build, with every touch point. 

Persona profiling

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is one of the most effective ways to connect marketing with sales. With the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, you can create lead scoring models according to each lead’s likelihood to convert, and pass leads to your salesforce once they have reached the appropriate point of engagement. 

Lead Scoring

Customer Journey Database

Behaviour Tracking, Data Integration, Persona Profiling, Lead Scoring

Customer Journey Optimization

Audience Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, Campaign Recommendations, Campaign Tracking

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