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Customer Journey–the New Funnel

Marketers no longer think customers take linear journeys from first impression to sale, yet old models such as the Marketing Funnel are built around this assumption. The old models work to optimize your pipeline by increasing volume and velocity for everyone. Marketers know better than anybody that targeting the whole universe is not a sustainable strategy.

It’s time to measure quality and quantity. Each customer journey is different, and some are better than others. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud stores every customer interaction that occurs along the customer journey, to help you improve each customer's experience and drive the biggest impact on business performance.  



Online Behavior Tracking

Nearly every business interaction today starts with research online, long before the buyer ever contacts a sales person. With the high volume of traffic that goes through digital channels, creating the wrong type of experiences before a prospect becomes a lead can cost you dearly. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud makes it easy to track behavior patterns based on any kind of customer interaction–page visits, video plays, document downloads, form submissions or events attended. The journey starts with the first anonymous visit and goes all the way to being a long time loyal customer.

Behavior Tracking

Data Integration

Your data lives in silos, but your customers don’t. Interacting with you through mobile, social, web and email channels, and building relationships with sales and customer service, is all part of one long conversation with your company. However, the results of those interactions are recorded in different systems; your CRM, sales automation and marketing systems and remain in silos. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud makes it easy to integrate all customer interactions by providing a comprehensive integration framework, complete with a growing set of connectors to enterprise systems. 

Data Integration

360° Customer Profile

Your marketing team needs “big-picture” insights on how customers behave throughout programs, while your sales team needs granular data to inform their one-on-one conversations with potential and existing customers. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud builds a 360-degree customer profile that consolidates everything learned about a prospect, anonymous or not. Not only does it display the identity of the potential customer, but their behavior along with insight on why they’ve made their choices. 

360 Profile

Customer Journey Analysis

Marketing Attribution, Conversion Tracking

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