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Data-driven marketers have too much data and not enough knowledge. But what if you could have a system that learned from customer interactions and actually shows what you’re doing right, and predicts where you can improve the most?

Just like a navigation system, the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud finds the optimal route to your goals, based on all your customer data. Once you set your KPIs, it recommends step-by-step instructions on who to target and what campaigns to run. Predictive analytics determine which campaigns can bring the most net-new conversions in the next 30 days.


Customer Journey Optimizer

Audience Segmentation

No two customers are the same.  Most people believe in the 80/20 rule, but for Digital Marketers, it’s more of an 80/2 rule. In many organizations, less than 2 percent of visitors bring in more than 80 percent of total revenue. The segmentation capabilities of the Digital Experience Cloud look at behavioral patterns and single out the most promising leads. The Digital Experience Cloud finds segments that have not reached an optimal conversion rate potential–so called “low-hanging fruit,”—enabling you to create targeted activities that yield the optimal increase in business KPIs. 


Predictive Analytics and Recommendations

For each of your audience segments, the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud calculates a very important number: your potential conversion increase in the next 30 days. Just like a GPS attempts to minimize travel time, the predictive analytics engine helps you optimize your conversion rates so you can focus on the activities and programs that carry most impact. Your marketing command center constantly provides new recommendations for a “Best Next Action” to drive customers toward the desired action.


Campaign Tracking

Campaign tracking validates current performance and conversion rates against conversion rates the system predicts. Tracking how different activities affect results provides visibility into the effectiveness of each campaign.


Touchpoints Discovery

Your customer is interacting with you in thousands of ways. In fact, there are at least 10,000 (and easily 500,000 or more) potential touchpoints in a typical omni-channel environment, and many go unnoticed. Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud helps marketers discover customer journey blind spots and optimize conversions using data-driven insights that surface every important customer interaction.


Customer Journey Analysis

Marketing Attribution, Conversion Tracking

Customer Journey Personalization

Orchestrate marketing success - track, analyze and shape every step of the customer journey

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