Customer Journey Personalization

From Data to Insight to Process

Big Marketing Brains Need Strong Marketing Muscles

Every bit of data you collect is just zeroes and ones, unless it provides insight. And every insight that you get is wasted unless you act upon it–or better yet, automate this action into a repeatable process.

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is not only a tool to measure and optimize marketing effectiveness, it bridges the gap between data insights and how you act upon them. By connecting with Progress Sitefinity CMS–a delivery system for managing your customer digital experience–it helps you iterate continuously and deliver the best next one-on-one customer conversation designed to help you achieve your business goals. 


Brains Need Strong Marketing Muscles

Predictive Personalization

Predictive personalization enables you to target the right people with the right message in real time, and create a sustainable strategy to build one-on-one, personalized conversations that delight and convert net-new customers, or have higher value conversations with existing clients. The personalization engine enables you to target various groups of prospects and turn them into buyers, using a recommended “Best Next Experience,” which has been proven to increase the chance of converting prospects to customers. The dynamic audience segmentation of the Digital Experience Cloud is integrated with the personalization engine of Sitefinity CMS, so your marketing brain and marketing muscle work together as a team. 


Personalization by Persona

The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud assigns each visitor to persona profiles based on their unique problems and interests, enabling you to create messages that resonate. It predicts when a visitor is an IT or business professional, consumer or enterprise buyer, or any other visitor type relevant to you. 
Personalization by persona enables you to take data insights and directly apply them to content targeting, creating a relevant, personalized experience for each persona.

Personalization by Persona

Customer Journey Optimization

Audience Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, Campaign Recommendations, Campaign Tracking

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