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  • Using Sitefinity to Increase Search Engine Rankings with Fresh Content

    • Sitefinity allowed us to take our website to the next level - and fast!

      Author: Frank Polera, Marketing Coordinator Company: Alliance Relocation

    • Client: Alliance Relocation
    • Industry: Transportation & Logistics
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Inalign
    • Industry
      Transportation & Logistics
    • Background
      Alliance Relocation is an industry leader in providing specialty relocation and third party services in the moving industry within the United States and Canada.
    • Challenge
      Alliance Relocation needed a modern Content Management System to better manager their website and improve Search Engine rankings.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Sitefinity provided all of the Content Management Tools that they required to create content. Sitefinity also allowed for the creation of a custom controls to edit data not native to Sitefinity, such as testimonials and staff bios.
    • Technical Details
      This was a three-week project that utilized Sitefinity 3.7, ASP.NET 3.5, and SQL Server on a Windows 2003 Platform.
    • Results
      By using Sitefinity and creating more content on their site, Alliance Relocation was able to generate more traffic and more leads from their website.
  • The Challenge    

    Alliance Relocation had a success web presence for many years, but they wished to move away from a home-grown Content Management System to one that would allow them to create a more Search-Engine friendly website. They needed to be able to edit Title, Description, and Keyword tags as well as break out some very large pages into more distinct smaller pages.

    Alliance Relocation also needed to update News, Testimonials, and Staff Bios on a regular basis.

    The Solution

    Sitefinity had out-of-the-box functionality that solved 90% of their Content Management needs on the first day. They were able to create new pages and edit all of the Search Engine related tags. In addition, many new images were uploaded and tagged for search engine optimization.

    For the news items, the News Module from Sitefinity was more than sufficient. Once the client was creating news items, the next step was to create the testimonials and staff bios custom modules.

    The testimonials and staff bios were solved by creating custom Sitefinity modules and custom database tables to store the information. The client could then edit testimonials and staff bios in much the same way the news items are edited, from the Sitefinity admin dashboard. For staff bios, there is also an option to upload and associate an image with each bio.

    To complete the testimonial and staff bio requirement, new user controls were created to display the information on pages. The testimonial control uses some AJAX to change the testimonial every 5 seconds on the page.

    The Results

    The first result was the launch of the new website, a mere three weeks after the project start date, with only one developer being involved. Because the previous website was built in .NET 2.0, we were able to leverage the existing Master Pages within Sitefinity.

    By breaking up very large pages into smaller, more defined pages, the website became much larger to the Search Engines and more content was ranking faster in a shorter period of time.
    The custom Testimonial control allowed Alliance’s staff to move that data to new pages without technical assistance.

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