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  • How Sitefinity was able to provide a complete solution for content and data management

    • We have leveraged a CMS product that facilitates the rapid deployment – from a design and development perspective – of a robust, content‐fresh, up‐to‐date web presence for a major Hollywood talent agency and management group. Sitefinity has not only provided the right CMS platform, but is ever‐affordable too.

      Author: Rowan Harper Company: MODAL

    • Client: APA Talent and Literary Agency
    • Industry: Entertainment
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by:
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      An industry leader in the field of talent and literary representation for nearly fifty years, APA represents many of today's most talented artists in all areas of the entertainment industry, with principal offices in Beverly Hills, New York and Nashville.
      APA was looking for a new user experience for their website. The goal was to allow industry folk to review APA‐represented talent, as well as submit a booking inquiry pertaining to a given talent in one of APA’s many disciplines. The site had to be organic and allow for content management and edits by multiple departments.
      The simplicity of the administration interface, flexibility for developers to add modules/controls and modify existing controls was essential for this project. In addition, Account Managers are able to assist in basic layout and page edits, without the involvement of the development staff who are left to maximize their efforts on other more detailed development efforts.
      The site was built in approximately 6 weeks from design to launch. A number of custom modules were created to afford for data input and retrieval. In addition to the Sitefinity platform, the site utilizes SQL Server 2008, Flash, jQuery, Javascript, custom server controls and custom user controls.
      APA now has a website that affords each talent area the ability to modify their content, promote their talent, receive booking inquiries, and provide for custom video content. This has increased their site traffic, increased booking requests, and overall enhanced their business processes and profitability.
  • Download PDF (110 KB)

    APA Talent and Literary Agency has been an industry leader in the field of talent and literary representation for nearly fifty years, APA represent many of today's most talented artists in all areas of the entertainment industry. Consistently one of the top booking agencies in the country, APA's concert and comedy departments represent a diverse slate of clients from all over the world. Prior to the Sitefinity implementation, the static, all Flash, APA website was not able to properly represent the company, its service or talent offerings, nor allow for talent booking requests. The objective was to create an SEO friendly, dynamic and scalable solution that offered APA a platform to individually represent each department within the company while increasing bookings via the internet. The mere fact that a department representative is also enabled via Sitefinity to manage talent and content offerings , validates the Agencies decision to support product adoption and implementation.

    MODAL Digital Agency specializes in user experience. The experience must be robust, yet simple to understand and navigate. Our solutions provide our clients the choice of maintaining their sites. The most important part of the solution is the Content Management System (CMS). Our experience with Sitefinity has shown it is not only quick to implement, but its built‐in modules allow clients to maintain content, add news items, update documents, and more.
    Sitefinity’s flexibility to create custom modules was a necessity for the APA solution. They needed to maintain their lists of talent and agents, and associate the two for talent booking inquiries. MODAL achieved all of these goals with two custom modules.

    A Toolbox is a handy thing for a construction worker. As is Sitefinity CMS for the web developer. Using a tool that facilitates the creative designer, and the technologist developer, while enabling the techno‐phobic assistant the ability to maintain and manage the talent her department represents, proves itself in the results. Usability and site activity speak wonders, when assessing a successful versus a failed site redeployment. Traffic increases; stickiness improves; inquiries flow; talent is being booked at a rate never before experienced. And all dictated by the site visitor. User control, when looking to inquire about, or book, a talent or artist. The following metrics represent a monthly aggregation pertaining to activity over the course of the past year:
    Metric Increase/Decrease 
    Total Visits  68% increase
    Page views  287% increase
    Booking Inquiries  82% increase
    Bounce Rate  47% decrease
    Since launching in October 2009, two additional departments have been added to the website. Specifically, the Talent and Agent modules implemented when the new website launched, allowed for rapid implementation of both an On Camera Personalities, and Special Attractions department representation. Talent headshots, bios and supporting content/links are easily uploaded and managed via Sitefinity CMS, by both APA representatives, and MODAL alike.
    MODAL are very proud of the work put forth, in redesigning and implementing APA‐; there is no doubt we could not have accomplished in the six week engagement timeframe, the results we did were it not for Sitefinity CMS. And an APA online experience that was completely static, is now interactive and engaging – functionally, and as far as content goes.

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