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  • Content Rich Web Site Implementation

    • "Rolling out Sitefinity for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy was especially rewarding considering our passion for the work of the ATC.  Our confidence in the recommendation to use Sitefinity was based upon a genuine assurance that the ATC would be served well by this product."

      Author: Phil Deren Company: Sr. Developer at Williams-Forrest LP

    • Client: Appalachian Trail Conservancy
    • Industry: Non-Profit
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Williams Forrest
    • Industry

      Non Profit
    • Background

      Appalachian Trail Conservancy is committed to nurture and protecting this sacred space through education and inspiration. They strive to create an ever-expanding community of doers and dreamers, and work to ensure that tomorrow’s generations will experience the same mesmerizing beauty we behold today. Their mission is to preserve and manage the Appalachian Trail,while their vision is to connect the human spirit with nature.
    • Challenge

      As a non-profit organization, budget is always a consideration. In the ATC’s case, sacrificing web site integrity, features, and functionality for savings was not an option. The Sitefinity price point continues to attract our attention and often regardless of budget.
    • Why Sitefinity

      As a relatively new member to the Sitefinity partner program, Williams Forrest continues to be impressed with the overall Sitefinity value proposition which includes high feature sets, deep functionality, a reasonable price point, and excellent partner support.
    • Technology Highlights

      Custom Behavioral Analytics

      Google Analytics

      ASP.Net, C#

      SQL Server 2008 Workgroup Edition

      Windows 2008 server with IIS 7
    • Results

      Williams Forrest was able to deliver a fully functioning, feature rich website on time and within budget. Future enhancements are planned and were considered in the build. Throughout the architectural planning phase, each decision regarding scale was met with full integration compatibility from Sitefinity.
  • The Challenge

    Williams-Forrest was asked to deliver a clean, asset rich web site for the non-profit Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). This web site would be used by visitors to get information on the ATC, the trail, donations, volunteering, events and shopping.   

    The ATC web site had not been updated in some time. Updated features and functions were needed as was a platform that allows for easy administration of asset population.

    The timeframe between architecting a solution and delivering a finished product was about ten weeks. Once the design was completed, Williams-Forrest delivered the integration, implementation and execution of Sitefinity.

    Williams Forrest has used many content management systems in the past, including Sitefinity. Although as developers, we were comfortable with the features and functionality of Sitefinity, it was still a tool we were only recently introduced to. Our confidence in the product and our premium creative technology resources lead to yet another successful implementation of Sitefinity.

    The Solution

    Scalability and price drove our recommendation and eventual use of Sitefinity. As a non-profit budget was obviously a consideration however, serving AT loyalists and attracting new visitors was also paramount. Out of the box, the features and functionality available rival more expensive content management systems and could be scaled up or down to meet our specific needs for particular feature sets. The overall value proposition of Sitefinity clinched our platform decision for this project. was successfully launched on 4/22 in anticipation of the ATC’s heaviest traffic period. Updates, posts, events, schedules and fresh content changes occur on a daily basis. The adoption of Sitefinity as the CMS to make those changes was embraced and, in hindsight, proven to be the correct decision.   

    Future state scenarios are currently being proposed for the ATC web site. The confidence we have in the CMS to handle any architectural and platform complexities revealed as a result of these proposed scenarios is very high. The Williams Forrest technical resource pool is familiar with the challenges inherent to new technology and various degrees of complexity. Customer Support resources at Sitefinity have always assured us that support personnel would be available throughout the lifetime of our partnership. They delivered on that promise before and backed it up again for this implementation.

    The Results

    The project took ten weeks to complete. In total, 4 developers were exposed to Sitefinity in one form or another. To a person they agreed that Sitefinity was quick to install, easy to configure, and intuitive to use. Williams Forrest’s User Interface Developer, Eric Scott said, “The transition from the design comps to Sitefinity templates was seamless and gave us great flexibility to arrange the content in a variety of ways.

    Since launch, the bounce rate has been cut in half, and the time visitors spend on the site has increased from approximately 3.5 minutes to nearly 5 minutes. Optimizing for SEO significantly cut down on time spent implementing the correct keywords in the title tags, meta, tags, alt tags, and body of content. The organic optimization we expect to achieve is a robust return on the keywords strategically implanted throughout the site. Once a baseline form Google Analytics and out own proprietary behavioral analytics is complete, tweaking the keywords and their positions appears to be as easy as every other management task within Sitefinity.

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