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  • After Implementing Sitefinity we are Able to Publish Content 3 Times Faster.

    • Industry: Financial Services
    • Background:Banca di Credito Cooperativo (BCC from now on) di Terra d’Otranto is retail and commercial banking organized on a cooperative basis and works for the benefit of members and customers. This means delivering value, while acting fairly and in a socially responsible way. Since 1957, they have grown stronger and stronger whilst remaining true to their founding principles. Their ambition was not just to provide goods, but also to improve the lives of the people in their community through education and investment in the local area.
    • Challenge: BCC di Terra d’Otranto needed to improve their web presence significantly by replacing their old website. They wanted to use a content management system (CMS) to simplify the process of updating site content and managing dynamic sessions.
    • Why Sitefinity: BCC di Terra d’Otranto has no internal programming or design capabilities so the requirement was for an intuitive CMS editor that needed no knowledge of markup or programming techniques and allowed an easy update of web content.
    • Technical Details: The BCC di Terra d’Otranto website was very fast to construct. The site takes advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005 and Sitefinity CMS.
    • Results: Reduced web administration costs thanks to the intuitive role-based user interface that offers quick access to all functions of the CMS. Once Sitefinity was implemented, the client enjoyed increased opportunities to deliver information to members and customers.
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  • The Challenge

    BCC di Terra d’Otranto found that their website was a primary source of information for customers and members. As visitors are looking for new information, the site should come up with new content and should speak new trends, technology, business and market. It was extremely critical to develop a website structure that would be useful to site visitors and in the same time would be easy to update. Previous websites did not have the functionality required to keep the website dynamic, and to enable the organization to react quickly to rapid changes in the market and make the web site effective for the community.

    The Solution

    As the BCC di Terra d’Otranto relied on business users to maintain content within the website, the requirement was for an intuitive content management system that offered inline WYSIWYG content editing, requiring no knowledge of markup or programming techniques.
    The integrated Telerik RadEditor for ASP.NET AJAX coupled with the requirement to integrate additional capabilities, via the Microsoft .NET Framework, made the selection of Sitefinity an easy one.
    From a development perspective, Sitefinity was the right choice in every aspect. A fully exposed and open architecture ensured the additional modules that were required for the site could be easily integrated.

    The Results
    BCC did not use a CMS before Sitefinity.  Content creators were required to have technical knowledge of HTML in order to submit content.  So they needed the support of website administrators to make any changes to their website.
    Now, after the implementation of Sitefinity, with a little training (1 day), they can guarantee the web-site maintenance without the help of the IT specialists.
    We have implemented a workflow process in order to ensure that all content editors can write and publish content based on user roles, while there is a person who is responsible for approving each content item before publishing it on the Internet. As a result, BCC has drastically reduced the time needed to publish content: they can say three times faster than before and, that’s very important, they have no need of a web site administrator for ordinary maintenance.
    By adopting Sitefinity CMS, BCC di Terra d’Otranto was able to implement a fully featured website that provides site visitors with the information that they require to make informed decisions regarding purchasing products, future employment or investments, offering an excellent service to their customers, etc.
    The main result is an improved corporate identity with flexible and easy to use content editing allowing the organization to more effectively communicate with their current and prospect customers.

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