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  • Bishop Technologies

    • Client: Bishop Technologies
    • Industry: Technology
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Ideosity
    • Industry
    • Background
      Bishop Technologies builds affordable, customized digital archive solutions. They build solutions based on archiving all forms of electronic communication including email and instant messages.
    • Challenge
      Almost two years after a major rebranding and website launch, the site’s SEO value was minimal compared to Bishop’s competitors. Additionally, Bishop had no direct control over the site. All changes were made through a web development company with a response time measured in weeks. Bishop’s goal was gain direct control of the site as part of a dedicated SEO effort.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Directly after installation, Sitefinity offers an ease of use not found in other CMS systems. Template and page creation, search engine optimization, and customization are all done easily. The administrative tools allow non-technical users to manage site content with ease.
    • Technical Details
      ASP.Net 3.5
      Microsoft SQL Server
    • Results
      Traffic has doubled and most SEO goals have either been attained or are close to being reached. Content on the site has tripled and all significant web metrics have seen, at least, double-digit improvement.
  • The Challenge

    Bishop Technologies is a leader in the area of storing, archiving and searching digital information, particularly electronic communications. For many companies where storing email and instant messages has direct effect on regulatory compliance, finding a robust and efficient solution is far from being a trivial matter.

    When Bishop initially engaged with Ideosity, their goal was simply to increase the SEO of their present site. Smaller competitors were outperforming them for almost every keyword and phrase meaningful to the industry and the resultant lack of business was becoming an issue. As we talked with Bishop, a deeper issue was brought to light, the lack of control they had over their own site. Changes to the static site had to be handled through their web company and could take up to a month to be implemented. Bishop needed a site they could control; one backed by a user-friendly CMS and providing for easy search engine optimization.

    The Solution

    Ideosity is a concierge custom solution provider. We design, build, and host custom websites, primarily for enterprise-scale clients and have a preference to work with a .NET/SQL architecture. After working with Sitefinity 3.7 and seeing the beta release of Sitefinity 4.0, we knew that Sitefinity was the right platform for Bishop’s new site.

    Bishop had recently undergone a thorough rebranding complete with a new site design which we felt was solid and conveyed the appropriate message. Sitefinity’s use of master pages and easy templating allowed us to create a set of page templates that streamlined content creation for Bishop’s marketing team while maintaining the style of the original site. Additionally, the ease with which Sitefinity allows users to maintain SEO information for each page, including meta data and page names, enabled Bishop to put together and implement a solid SEO strategy in far shorter time than was possible before.

    Finally, Ideosity developed a few small controls to extend and utilize features of the CMS, most notably giving Bishop the ability to add generic content pieces to the CMS and display a single item on a page. In order to maintain the SEO value of the existing site, Ideosity implemented a series of permanent redirects to new pages.

    The Results

    The overall site design was kept intact with a few minor, positive changes to expand the amount of area available for content. Site traffic has increased and Bishop is getting more traffic from search engines. Just three weeks after the new site went live Bishop had overtaken a number of keyword competitors.
    A large part of the SEO success has been the increased content on Bishop’s site. Previously, adding content was prohibitively difficult due to the lack of responsiveness of the other web development company and the static nature of the site. To date, Bishop has tripled the number of pages on the site and has plans to grow even further. This would not have been possible without the flexibility of the Sitefinity CMS.

    Bishop has seen improvement in all key web metrics since launching the new site. All gains can be attributed either directly to the Sitefinity platform and its inherent SEO-friendliness or to the ease with which meaningful content can be added, allowing for the development of an information rich website.




    102% increase

    Bounce Rate

    15% decrease


    17% increase
    Traffic from Search Engines 43% increase

    Average Time on Site

    53% increase

    In conclusion, Bishop Technologies now has a site that can be easily maintained by their marketing team. As developers, we appreciate the speed with which Sitefinity can be set up for the customer to start building the content in the site. The ease of customization is first rate, especially with the robust API available. We have selected Sitefinity as our CMS of choice over other, far more expensive CMS systems and look forward to implementing sites based on it in the future.

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