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  • How Sitefinity solved Cash Store Financial CMS issues

    • Industry
      Financial Services
    • Background
      Cash Store Financial Services Inc. is Canada’s leading provider of alternative financial products and services with a growing network of more than 419 branches in over 160 communities nationwide.
    • Challenge
      Cash Store Financial needed to improve their web presence significantly by replacing their outdated website which did not allow for easy update of content and dynamic sections.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Cash Store Financial has no internal programming or design capabilities so the requirement was for an intuitive CMS WYSIWIG editor that required no knowledge of markup or programming techniques.
    • Technical Details
      The Cash Store Financial website required two months to construct, and the services of .NET developers and designers. The site takes advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005 and Sitefinity CMS.
    • Results
      Reduced web administration costs and increased opportunities to deliver more of what Cash Store Financial’s customers are looking for information.
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  • The Challenge

    Cash Store Financial found that their website was a primary source of information for customers, potential employees and investors. As such, it was deemed critical to develop a website property that would be easy to use and absorb information, but also easy to keep current. Previous websites adopted by the organization did not have the functionality required to keep the website dynamic, and to enable the organization to react quickly to rapid changes in the market.

    Why Sitefinity

    As the Cash Store Financial relied on business users to maintain content within the website, the requirement was for an intuitive content management system that offered inline WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) content editing, without knowledge of markup or programming techniques. This level of end-user control, coupled with the requirement to integrate additional capabilities, via the Microsoft .NET Framework, made the selection of Sitefinity an easy one.

    The Results

    By adopting Sitefinity CMS, Cash Store Financial was able to implement a fully featured website that provides visitors to the website with the information that they require to make informed decisions, regarding purchasing products, future employment or investments.

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