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Case Studies

  • Federchimica Launches a New Sitefinity Based Website.

    • Industry: Chemical industry
    • Background: Founded as the Italian Federation of Chemical Industry Associations in 1920, it was transformed into Federchimica in 1984.At the present time 1300 companies, with a total of 94.000 employees, are part of Federchimica. They are grouped into 16 Associations, which in turn are subdivided into 43 product groups. Federchimica is a member of Confindustria (General Confederation of the Italian Industry) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). Primary objectives of Federchimica are the coordination and the protection of the role of the Italian chemical industry, the promotion of its development capacity, as well as to elaborate guidelines in economic, industrial and trade union matters and also in the areas of environment, innovation and energy policies.
    • Challenge: Federchimica wanted to use a content management system to simplify the process of updating site content and managing dynamic sections.
    • Why Sitefinity: Federchimica wanted to enhance the user experience, as well to improve the performance and scalability of the website.
    • Technical Details: Federchimica website took 5 weeks to construct. The development of the site required the dedication of only one designer and one developer. The site takes advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET and Sitefinity CMS.
    • Results: Reduced web administration costs thanks to the intuitive role-based user interface that offers quick access to all functions of the CMS. Once Sitefinity was implemented, the client enjoyed increased opportunities to deliver information to members and customers.
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  • The Challenge

    Federchimica planned to develop a new website within a short time frame and the availability of an intuitive CMS WYSIWIG editor that required no knowledge of markup or programming techniques was a key for the project success. It was essential that they were able to create new templates and skins quickly and easily, but also have the ability to roll back any changes should the need arise.
    Federchimica understood that a website was a primary source of information for public opinion and many national economic organizations. As visitors are looking for new information, the site should come up with new content and should speak new trends, technology, business and market. They also needed a CMS that ensured the ever increasing regulatory requirements of a large organization could be easily handled. In the same time, the new system had to be intuitive and needed to streamline the information change process; this included providing different access rights for staff with different roles.
    We chose to use Sitefinity CMS with several goals in mind. Federchimica wanted to enhance user experience, as well as the performance and scalability of the website. Preference was given to Sitefinity because of its stable and extensible .NET architecture and broad set of features.

    The Solution

    With Sitefinity as the core CMS platform, Federchimica were confident they had a CMS that they could grow with. Sitefinity allowed them to remain flexible for any changes that might be required to the website’s content. Furthermore time to publish web content was significantly reduced. In comparison, after implementing Sitefinity, publishing a content item happened 2 times faster than with the old platform.
    The whole UI was developed through a series of self-contained controls and Sitefinity’s page editor was used to assemble the application from many logic units. The layout and the look-and-feel of the pages (templates and themes) was implemented using the Sitefinity ready-made mechanism. Instead of developing a whole application from scratch, we built the website on top of Sitefinity and we took advantage of many features such as security (membership, roles, and profiles) and search service. We used also Sitefinity built-in manager to streamline an easy and effective file upload: users can now delete, copy, move any kind of files necessary for website construction and organize them into folders. Sitefinity’s administration layout supporting style sheets, helped web developers to separate content from presentation. These styles were applied to different pages, improving productivity and promoting a consistent look and feel.

    The Results

    From a business perspective, Sitefinity met all business functionality requirements. Federchimica can now ensure that website content stays up to date and the new site features a variety of custom business functionality.

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