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  • Sitefinity Provides Solution For a Mental Health Care Provider Needing a Clean and Content-Manageable Website Minus The High Costs of Customized Coding

    • Sitefinity now comes to mind immediately when a client mentions content management on the wish list.

      Author: J.J. Schaffer Company: Nexigen Communications

    • Client: Community Mental Health Center
    • Industry: Healthcare
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Nexigen
    • Industry
    • Background
      Community Mental Health Group, a health service provider in Southeast Indiana, was faced with the problem of needing a website without the repetitive costs of ordering frequent content changes from an external website managing resource.
    • Challenge
      The upfront costs of custom-programming a client-editable website were prohibitive vis-à-vis the long term costs of having the multiple edits be performed professionally at ad hoc or block time maintenance costs. Either scenario was problematic.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Like many of our clients, Community Mental Health Center wanted a clean and higher-end visual presentation with the benefit of editability. Sitefinity allowed us to provide these features minus the necessity to write massive amounts of hand code in order to provide an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface for editing by persons without a background in HTML.
    • Technology Highlights
      The Community Mental Health Center website was created within a month. Everything that was required to fulfill the site needs was provided within the Sitefinity platform.
    • Results
      The client was very happy with the finished product. The entire project went smoothly and, after spending a little over an hour training the staff in making simple content edits, they were off and running.
  • The Challenge

    Community Mental Health Center is a provider of comprehensive mental health services, offering inpatient, outpatient, home-based, school, and community-based programs to individuals and families in the region of Southeast Indiana. The administrators desired an easily editable website that would enable them to insert frequent updates regarding the CMHC news, job postings and especially new programs as they were developed.

    The Solution

    Nexigen Communication, in the past, would have needed to approach this project through extensive back-end programming in order to present  the desired product which could be easily updated by individuals without coding skills. An additional problem would be that only selected portions of the website could be client-modified, restricting editing to only those pages which would require the most frequent editing.

    Sitefinity is the obvious solution by enabling the developer to apply the desired look and feel to a website that has already formulated all of these editing tools into a packaged framework that virtually eliminates special programming. With minimal client training, Nexigen is able to provide a completely layman-editable website

    The Results

    Community Mental Health Center was extremely pleased with their website. As with our other Sitefinity clients, they were impressed that they could manipulate content so easily and produce what appear to be professionally-achieved website editing tasks. They can even add/delete new pages at will, allowing them to expand their site’s reach.

    Having used Sitefinity for several projects thus far we’ve had 100% positive feedback for each of them. From our end as developers we appreciate the total lack of cross-browser issues, the consistency and relative simplicity of construction and smooth performance.

    We find Sitefinity to be a win-win scenario; the clients like the final product and we like working within the Sitefinity program.

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