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  • How Sitefinity Helped for the Redesign and Redevelopment of Exclaimer’s Corporate Website and E-commerce Store

    • The original site was built with popular open-source CMS. Both the developers of the website and the users of the CMS didn't get on with that solution one bit. Moving over to Sitefinity was a breath of fresh air for all involved.

      Author: Nick Thompson Company: Technical Director of DCSL Software

    • Client: DCSL Software
    • Industry: Technology
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: DCSL Software
    • Industry: Technology
    • Background: Exclaimer is a global provider of mail utilities and software add-on products for Microsoft Exchange, with more than 27 million users worldwide. Exclaimer’s customer base consists of companies of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.
    • Challenge: The entire design, development and delivery of the website needed to be completed within 25 days, in line with the release of Exclaimer Image Analyzer (Exclaimer's latest product).
    • Why Sitefinity:The site had to be integrated with a number of custom-built legacy systems, so Sitefinity was the only real choice. The fact that you can easily implement custom usercontrols and modules meant that it was fast and easy to develop the site.
    • Technical Details: The website was completed within 25 days, right on time for the launch of Exclaimer Image Analyzer. The project utilized three developers, two web designers and was hosted at Rackspace.
    • Results: Using Sitefinity as the CMS for the Exclaimer site has resulted in a website that has met all our client's expectations. It has allowed them not only to retain their custom store's extensive and complex tax calculations for product purchases, but also has given their distribution partners the ability to edit their own regional Exclaimer websites.
  • The Challenge

    Exclaimer approached DCSL Software to complete a redesign and redevelopment of their corporate website and e-commerce store. They wanted to have more control over SEO and the download/purchase process allowing them to continually refine and enhance the experience for their customers and resellers without constant complicated technical involvement.

    The site also needed to incorporate a number of custom controls that interfaced with legacy CRM and SOP systems, as well as using some of the 'out-of-the-box' modules for managing the company blog, corporate news, product images, documentation and the product knowledge-base.There was also a significant amount of emphasis on creating targeted landing pages for a number of PPC campaigns that Exclaimer run for encouraging potential customers to download their products.

    DCSL Software is geared-up for delivering web projects to very tight deadlines, so 25 days for a medium/large corporate website and store was assessed by the project management team and deamed achievable within the given timeframe. Nick Thompson, Technical Director of DCSL Software, comments: "the combination of our own rapid application process and Sitefinity is the only possibility which ensures each development task to be executed to the right level of quality and within the projected timescale".

    The Solution

    DCSL Software has worked on a number of web projects for Exclaimer in the past and was keen on starting the development of their new website with Sitefinity at the heart of it. DCSL Software has used Sitefinity for developing a number of large corporate sites and feels using it, is the quickest and most manageable way of launching large websites within tight deadlines.

    The site consists essentially of two parts - the store (where all product information, required to make a download/purchase, is managed) and the supporting information (for example - documentation, knowledge-base and support contact information). This project has made great use of the standard modules of Sitefinity - update news and blogs, and maintain image and document libraries.In fact, almost all the elements of the website are managed through the Sitefinity interface, with plans to move the one remaining section (the forum) into Sitefinity in the very near future. It means that rather than using a number of different systems for updating content, Exclaimer can simply have one login to do everything.

    Having in mind all the Sitefinity projects DCSL Software has undertaken, implementing the design, couldn't have been easier. This means that the bare bones of the site took shape very quickly. Given the utilization of DCSL Software’s dedicated hosting environment at Rackspace for Exclaimer's other services, it made sense to host the new website on these systems, too.

    Ben Gower, Web Architect at DCSL Software, said: "the ease of use, offered by the Sitefinity interface, made teaching the clients all they needed to know to update and manage the content, a very simple job". The intuitive nature of the Sitefinity interface means that all the clients have succeeded in understanding how to update their websites with only a small amount of training.

    The Results

    Delivering the website on time for the launch of Exclaimer Image Analyzer was from highest priority for DCSL Software and given the timescales, this could have been achieved only with the help of Sitefinity CMS. Ben Gower said: "as always, the support team at Sitefinity were extremely helpful in answering all our requests promptly - which ultimately led to the project being delivered on time and on budget".

    The site is now going through a phase of continuous refinement in order to maximize the product purchases and downloads. The ease with which this refinement is being undertaken is a tribute to how well engineered the Sitefinity interface is.

    Exclaimer were extremely impressed with how straight forward the Sitefinity CMS is to use and the efficiency in which the site was delivered. Andrew Millington, CEO of Exclaimer, said: "DCSL Software has done an amazing job of building this superb, state of the art website. As market leaders in mail utilities, we needed a website that showed to the world what we are all about - something to be very proud of. And that's what we've got. I am delighted".

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