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  • Fusion92 Launches New, Interactive Website.

    • Sitefinity helped us create an engaging and informative online experience that also happens to demonstrate the bottomline value of integrating proven marketing with today’s best digital technologies.

      Author: Mark Buczek Company: Managing Director

    • Client: Fusion92
    • Industry: Marketing & PR
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Fusion92
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    • Industry
      Digital Marketing
    • Background
      At FUSION92, we’re digital marketing specialists who help companies connect with customers in immediate, convenient and relevant ways. Blending innovative and strategic thinking, our solutions create one-to-one relationships that deliver measureable, bottom-line results.
    • Challenge
      FUSION92 sought to launch a completely re-designed and re-built website that would significantly enhance our ability to connect and collaborate with clients.
    • Technical Details
      The site was developed through a unique integration of Sitefinity CMS, Flash and Ajax, in less than 3 months.
    • Why Sitefinity
      FUSION92 had designed, developed and deployed our previous website using the Sitefinity CMS platform. Not only were we extremely satisfied with Sitefinity’s features and customer service, we knew that the ability to customize and integrate a variety of features and modules would enhance our clients’ online experiences.
    • Results
      Not only is content dynamically displayed within the Flash site, a spider-friendly (non-JavaScript) version of the site allows indexing with the major search engines.
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  • The Challenge

    If it’s not broken, why change it? As one of the fastest growing, digital marketing specialists, we at FUSION92found ourselves asking some of the same hard-hitting questions that we regularly ask our clients.

    Should we build a new site from scratch or try to patch together changes to our old one? What should a new site look like? How could it be re-built to best showcase our business and technical capabilities? Could we afford to allocate internal resources to redevelop our site – and how long would that take? Could we afford not to?

    One of the greatest challenges for any digital or interactive marketing company is to create a unique and integrated online experience for its own brand that not only displays the power and pull of a vibrant web presence, but also demonstrates the bottom-line value of properly planned and executed marketing campaigns that integrate proven marketing truths, best practices and today’s best emergent technologies.

    We knew that our old website did not accurately reflect the experience, staff, culture, alliances, facility, full suite of interactive marketing services and portfolio that clients as diverse as Disney, U.S. Cellular, FTD, Sears and Georgia Tech University had come to rely upon. Our new website needed to not only showcase the work we’d done for our clients, it also needed to represent our brand, our deep knowledge and our distinctive approach to projects – all displayed to the end user in an exceptional architecture.

    FUSION92 had designed, developed and deployed our previous website using the Sitefinity CMS platform. As a Sitefinity partner, we recommend the system to many of our top clients. Not only were we extremely satisfied with Sitefinity’s many features, capabilities and stellar customer service, we knew that the ability to customize and integrate a variety of features and modules would create a great-looking site that would allow us to better connect and collaborate with clients.

    To create a singular user experience, we envisioned a site architecture that needed to integrate Flash and Ajax components with the Sitefinity CMS. With end-users in mind, the CMS system needed to work seamlessly with dynamic, shared content to support more intuitive navigation and ultimately drive visitors to complete a variety of persistent, call-to-action forms.

    The CMS architecture had to be flexible enough to accommodate our specific development and architectural requirements, including:

    • Managing portfolios, clients and partners in Sitefinity lists
    • Custom contact forms to capture customer information
    • Flexibility to integrate Flash and Ajax elements on a variety of pages to dynamically display content on the Flash site
    • Flexibility to create a spider-friendly (non-JavaScript) version of the site for search engine indexing
    We also knew that once the site was deployed, it would need to be found by major search engines. As part of a second phase of search engine marketing, we needed to integrate SEO, ad words (SEM), as well as a Google Pay-per-click campaign that drove users to form-centered landing pages. These efforts would need to be supported by a robust CMS that would support all of our search engine marketing.


    The Solution

    In order to give FUSION92 the flexibility to manage dynamic content and eventually expand the site, we designed, developed and deployed our new website utilizing an integration of Sitefinity CMS with Flash and Ajax. Customization was the key driver in our decision to utilize the Sitefinity CMS once again for our new website. For our developers, the integration, support and custom modules saved development and deployment time. The fully exposed and open architecture guaranteed that additional modules could be easily integrated.

    With shared content, an extensive portfolio, clients and partners section plus the need for a variety of custom forms, the Sitefinity system gives the FUSION92 website a much more solid and robust platform and structure from which we can expand the website and enhance the user’s experience. With its user-friendly interface, content sharing and branching and ability to roll back to previous versions should the need arise, we’ll be able to make site changes easily and dependably.

    As part of our overall marketing strategy, we’ve also been able to leverage the way that Sitefinity integrates a variety of components to build dynamic forms and manage content for a variety of Pay-per-click campaigns.

    The Results

    From a design and business perspective, the new website is a hit.

    Not only were we able to deploy the site more quickly and efficiently with Sitefinity, the amount of time that it takes to make important changes to the site has been an important factor in the site’s success and scalability. The Sitefinity CMS has allowed various internal users to make edits and expansions consistently and easily. As FUSION92 continues to grow, it will be even more important that the information and portfolio can be easily updated by anyone in the company.

    The feedback from our clients has been even more rewarding. As a result of a more robust platform, the new FUSION92 website delivers a rich, interactive customer experience. With enhanced navigation and easy-to-use forms, it is much easier to explore the site, find relevant information and communicate directly with us.

    As our client needs grow and we continue to expand the website with increased levels of functionality and interactive features, the consistent and stable technical platform will help FUSION92 introduce and highlight new digital technologies that better connect our clients with their customers.

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