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Case Studies

  • DNA S.r.l. Developed a Feature-Rich Web Portal and an Easily Navigable Content Structure Which Facilitate the Identification of Gamba Bruno's Products

    • Sitefinity CMS appeared right from the beginning to be the best solution to satisfy our customer's requirements.

      Author: Carolina Regonesi Company: DNA S.r.l.

    • Client: Gamba Bruno
    • Industry: Technology
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: DNA S.r.l.
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    • Industry
    • Background
      The company has been operating in the field of computerization of the front end of stores for more than 20 years. The variety of products it offers ranges from cash tills to scales, from software for inventory management, to software for the management of online payments.
    • Challenge
      To redo the company’s graphic layout from scratch, making it modern and powerful; to structure the content by implementing user-oriented navigation; to implement a simple and feature-rich CMS.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Sitefinity was chosen for the richness of its functions and for its adaptability to any graphic layout.
    • Technical Details
      The Gamba Bruno website required 3 weeks development time and involved 1 graphic designer, 1 web designer and 1 content publisher.
    • Results
      The result is a modern looking, high impact website, which reinforces the company image. The new site offers intuitive navigation even for the novice visitor, through clever use of color and icons.
  • Download PDF (190 KB)
  • The Challenge

    The old Gamba Bruno website was more than ten years old and was characterized by a neglected graphic layout and very technical setup, making the content difficult to use. The corporate identity was significantly penalized by the site, whose image did not correspond to that of a great industry leader and continued growth.

    The numerous products - different with regards to type and target destination - were not organized in a logical manner and this made it difficult for site users to navigate and search for a specific product. Finally, due to a very difficult to use content updating system, the site had not been updated for years.

    The client therefore requested us to completely redo the site, focusing on the following objectives:

    • Renew the graphic layout completely, making it modern and appealing, capable of giving new strength to the company image.
    • Structure the content logically and implement a user-oriented navigation, so that different types of users could be directed to the products which were of interest to them.
    • Implement an easy to use system of content updating with many features, so that Bruno Gamba’s Marketing department could easily contribute to the strengthening of the company image.

    The Solution

    Sitefinity CMS appeared right from the beginning to be the best solution to satisfy our customer’s requirements. With great built-in functionality and ability to adapt to any graphic layout, Sitefinity was chosen for Gamba Bruno’s new site without any hesitation.

    Content analysis, aimed at structuring a user oriented navigation, led to different solutions: the use of color to characterize the different sections, the use of icons to visually identify the corresponding content and the division of products into major categories to facilitate the path towards which the user is looking for.

    The graphic layout of the site, reinterpreted in a modern institutional way, was able to give new strengths to the Gamba Bruno brand. In addition to this, a search engine has been provided from within the site to help users locate specific information, and also the Newsletter module was utilized so the company could send regular updates on products and special offers to their customers.

    The Results

    The result is an institutional, modern portal, where each content item is in its logical right place. Users have easy access to the information they seek, through a dual path that offers navigation by products or area of application.

    With only 4 hours of training, the marketing department learned how the CMS worked: how to create, edit and delete pages, as well as use the built-in modules, so that they can keep customers informed about the key innovations that are constantly being introduced by their growing company.

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