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Case Studies

  • The IMPACT Group Case

    • The Sitefinity CMS was selected for the amount of out-of-the-box robust and extensible modules and functionality, which reduced the need to custom-build the functionality and ultimately, provided for a more rapid implementation.

      Author: Shelly Murray Company: Habanero

    • Client: IMPACT Group
    • Industry: Human Resources
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Habanero
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    • Industry
      Human Resources
    • Background
      IMPACT Group partners with companies to facilitate transitions through all aspects of the employment lifecycle; in, within and out of the organization. Services include On-Boarding, Recruitment SupportGlobal and Domestic Relocation, Redeployment, Outplacement and Retirement. IMPACT Group clients range from mid-sized businesses to Global and Fortune 1000 organizations in nearly every industry, including pharmaceutical, insurance, not-for-profit associations, education and healthcare.
    • Challenge
      The previous IMPACT Group website was difficult to maintain, which put heavy emphasis on creating the new site on a flexible, sustainable framework with a friendly administrative interface.
    • Why Sitefinity
      With the familiar, Microsoft Word-like editor, easy to use dashboard and robust functionality through numerous built-in modules, Sitefinity was the ideal CMS for this project.
    • Technology Highlights
      The IMPACT Group website was developed over a 3-4 month period using Sitefinity 3.6, Windows 2003 Server and SQL Server 2005.
    • Results
      The new IMPACT Group website prominently showcases the company’s products and services and offers clients easier access to important content through a vastly improved user experience. And, with internal staff maintaining the site, dollars typically spent on 3rd party resources are preserved for other company initiatives.
  • Download PDF (198 KB)
  • The Challenge
    The previous IMPACT Group website,, did not adequately represent the brand, high quality services, global reach, nor the company’s position as an industry leader. The old website was not built on a content management platform and it was difficult and cumbersome for the internal marketing team to maintain. As a result, the lack of updated, fresh content provided little incentive for current customers and potential clients to return to the site often and while there, investigate other areas of the site.

    Furthermore, as the former website had existed for several years, it was out of step with current usability practices and design, which in turn, impeded search results. The older site structure and static content denigrated the organic search results and produced less visibility in relevant keyword searches.

    The Solution
    The Sitefinity CMS was selected for the amount of out-of-the-box robust and extensible modules and functionality, which reduced the need to custom-build the functionality and ultimately, provided for a more rapid implementation. The site uses the RSS feeds and sitemap controls, secured pages for partner portals and paginated news and events feed on the homepage that helps users quickly browse through an archive of many articles. Furthermore, the new website has a resource library containing case studies, reports, white papers and other thought leadership materials authored by the IMPACT Group.

    In addition, as the main client administrator contacts were non-technical users, the ease of end-user training as well as the scalability and long-term viability of the platform were pivotal to the CMS selection.
    It was also important to visually convey IMPACT Group’s comprehensive suite of solutions in an interesting and unique way; Sitefinity’s flexible codebase allowed for the implementation of a Flash-based homepage feature representing the company’s lifecycle process.

    Habanero’s Creative team and IMPACT Group’s marketing experts collaborated on the interactive piece that immediately grabs the users’ attention and encourages them to explore the more in-depth content throughout the site. The site also includes a custom map showing the IMPACT Group’s worldwide locations and via a JavaScript hover state, displays the phone and email contact information for each continent.

    The Results
    Being the 25th Sitefinity-based project completed by Habanero, the new IMPACT Group website has exceeded expectations, particularly in the showcasing of the company’s proprietary IMPAXIS™ web portal; this online tool modernizes the approach to job searching by giving candidates better assessments, research and the best job position leads available.

    Additionally, having the website on a user-friendly platform and managed by in-house staff means that the firm is saving time and budget by using internal staff and preserving valuable resources for other projects and initiatives. By not spending money on day-to-day support, the IMPACT Group is also able to plan for future design and functional enhancements.

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