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  • A Sitefinity-based Website Wins the Eircom Golden Spiders Award for Best Professional Website 2009

    • Sitefinity was chosen for its rich modular feature set and flexibility, which would allow the site to grow with the needs of the clients and the market.

      Author: Cormac Smyth Company: a:m web

    • Client: Insolvency Journal
    • Industry: Media & Design
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: a:m web
    • Industry
      Financial News/ Media
    • Background is a free, independent and unique news service offering insolvency news and resources for Ireland. The site produces regular, timely, high quality articles and statistics across all industries and lists daily updates on insolvency notices (creditors meetings, judgments & petitions) across the country. It is facilitated by the insolvency specialists Kavanagh Fennell.
    • Challenge
      The major challenge was to find a robust and extendable CMS platform which would allow the Insolvency Journal website to grow with the needs of the market. The new website would require constant timely update, as well as enhancements as the business evolves.
    • Why Sitefinity
      It’s great to have such confidence in a product and its team that you don’t have to worry when starting a new venture. We knew that Sitefinity would scale easily without affecting the project’s usability. We also knew that we could monetize the wealth of modules & features in the future.
    • Technical Details
      The Insolvency Journal website was built on Sitefinity 3.5 and is currently being upgraded to version 3.7. It required the services of 2 developers and 2 designers, and was launched in about two months.
    • Results
      We went from zero to 50,000 visitors in less than a year, picking up an award at Ireland’s largest Web Awards, the Golden Spiders. It has become the first stop shop for up to date information on insolvency in Ireland, and is regularly referenced in the main stream media.
  • The Challenge

    The Insolvency Journal website was an innovative project. It was exciting, and somewhat sobering because of the content. The challenge was to deliver a website that could grow exponentially, in terms of articles number, and also in a modular way, as we rolled out additional features and services. It was essential that the site was stable and flexible to accommodate the constant improvements that were to be performed as the business developed.  

    Our customer needed a Sale of assets section that would allow them to showcase the properties / items for sale. They also needed to be able to display lists of entries on their website. As soon as the basic functionality was ready, the site would launch and would be enhanced with new functionality as the need arose.

    The Solution

    The decision to base the Insolvency Journal site on Sitefinity was easy. Typically, a blogging engine would be used for this type of newspaper or journal style site.  Sitefinity was chosen for its rich modular feature set and flexibility, which would allow the site to grow with the needs of the clients and the market.

    Sitefinity is so flexible that allowed us to use the same modules for different purposes. For instance, we used the News module for both the general News section and the Sale of assets section, just applying different styles. This offered a completely new feel for each of the pages, while keeping the same friendly user experience for content editors. 

    With Sitefinity, extending the existing modules to serve the special needs of our client has also saved us many hours of development. The Directory section which we launched was built upon the sample Products module. A few twists were all that was needed to achieve the specific functionality our client required.

    From a usability point of view, Sitefinity is very intuitive and easy to manage. Our client is happy to manage the website on a constant basis after very little support and training from us. Still, we also offer custom user guides for all our projects.

    Perhaps another, more compelling reason, for choosing Sitefinity, is that we are very comfortable developing with the product, and we knew we would get the support from the team as we pushed the application’s boundaries. Trust and proven quality count a lot in the development industry.

    The Results

    It took us 2 months to get the initial version up and running. As the project is constantly evolving, we are continuing to work on its feature set. Our client is very happy with their new website, and I think the results speak for themselves:

    • is the No 1 website for Insolvency news & information in Ireland.
    • Number 1 in Google search for the word Insolvency and many other terms.
    • Growing monthly visits of over 50,000 with more than 250,000 impressions.  
    • Growing targeted newsletter audience.
    • Regular coverage on the national news and media such as RTE news, TV3 news, Irish Times, Irish Independent, Examiner, Newstalk, Radio 1 and other media. 
    • Winner of the Eircom Golden Spiders Award for Best Professional Website 2009.

    The Eircom Golden Spider Awards are the longest standing and most prestigious Internet Awards in Ireland. They have become the benchmark of excellence within the industry and are widely recognized both within the industry and by the top 1,000 Irish business leaders. Hence, this is a great achievement.

    The website is being updated by up to 6 different people from diverse backgrounds. This is of course one of Sitefinity’s strengths. All end users needed minimum training. They have found Sitefinity so powerful and usable, that the company behind Insolvency Journal has requested their corporate site to be moved to Sitefinity too. That is as good an endorsement as a development company and a CMS vendor can get.

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