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  • International Professional Association Improves User Experience and Streamlines Site Maintenance with Sitefinity CMS

    • With the sheer volume of content, complexity of systems integration and time constraints challenges that we faced on the project, the CWS team decided that the only feasible solution was to use Sitefinity as the foundation for the platform.

      Author: Kevin Kimmel Company: Component Web Services

    • Client: Institute of Management Accountants
    • Industry: Non-Profit
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Component Web Services
    • Industry
      Non profit
    • Background
      The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is the international professional association for accountants and financial professionals working in business. With more than 60,000 members worldwide, IMA provides a forum for research, practice development, education, and the advocacy of the highest ethical and best business practices in management accounting and finance.
    • Challenge
      IMA required a robust CMS platform that would allow non-technical users in multiple departments to update content regularly, while supporting a sophisticated look that reinforced the organization’s brand positioning and streamlined the user experience.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Component Web Services selected Sitefinity for its unique combination of a user- friendly, on-demand CMS system, intuitive administration, broad customization options, and support of SEO strategy best practices.
    • Technology Highlights
      Integration of a Single Sign On (SSO) for member access to four backend applications. Developed using ASP.Net 3.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Sitefinity 3.7.
    • Results
      Sitefinity has proven itself to be exactly what we hoped: an easy, flexible and attractive CMS that makes the Pelly website fun to visit and maintain.
  • The Challenge

    The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is the international professional association for accountants and corporate financial professionals. The organization’s chief marketing officer had inherited a legacy website with 500+ pages of content and 3,500+ PDF files. The site’s original content management system was abandoned due to bugs and technical complexity of use, severely limiting the updates that could be managed by the IMA marketing team. Instead, the organization’s IT team was tasked with manually managing all content update requests.

    Component Web Services’ initial assessment revealed that membership information was stored in multiple legacy databases written with proprietary code. The original vendor would no longer provide upgrades or support the application due to its age and complexity.

    In addition, navigating through 500+ pages of content placed architectural challenges on developers and users alike. With navigation links appearing on three different areas within a page (not including the page footer), navigation was a challenge — assuming links were not broken due to human error.

    With IMA’s worldwide 60,000+ membership base depending on the site for timely content and membership products, the organization’s Senior Leadership Team gave Component Web Services the green light to develop a new website and content management system.

    The Solution

    Like a billboard must catch the attention of a speeding driver within seconds, a website’s home page has a small window of opportunity to convey a relevant message to visitors.

    Component Web Services worked with IMA’s Senior Leadership Team to identify the areas of revenue that would become the focal point of the newly designed home page. Through split testing and several design iterations, the concept for three main sections representing IMA’s main revenue drivers was conceived.

    Creating a wireframe website within Telerik’s Sitefinity content management system allowed the Component Web Services team to rapidly prototype the recommended architecture. Working closely with the project’s designers and copywriters, content was effortlessly entered into the CMS for review and approval by stakeholders.

    Sitefinity’s ability to create custom page templates gave Component Web Services the necessary toolset to provide IMA the flexibility to manage its marketing messaging and branding with consistency throughout the site.

    With its out-of-the-box modules for developing image and document repositories, event, blog and forum items can all be managed easily by IMA through an intuitive dashboard. Setting up multiple workflows for content authors and editors ensures that content will be properly reviewed and approved before going live. Access to content and the dashboard is based on rights and privileges defined by IMA by department and individuals. Following IMA’s predefined workflow allowed Component Web Services to rapidly train author and editors to manage their content within hours.

    Component Web Services was also tasked with the integration of a Single Sign On (SSO) that would allow IMA members to use a single user name and password to access the multiple applications that form IMA’s backend systems. Sitefinity’s open architecture and familiar ASP .Net platform allowed the development team to rapidly integrate the CMS with IMA’s third-party applications. Additionally creating the opportunity to create customized controls for banner ad management and integration of the CEO’s blog.

    The Results

    Using Sitefinity, Component Web Services was able to meet IMA’s ambitious and broad-ranging objectives for the new site:

    • Reinforcement of the IMA brand as a robust, global content provider and thought leader in the area of management accounting and finance.
    • Intuitive navigation that highlighted the association’s major areas of revenue — membership, certification, and global events.
    • Improved member experience that simplified users’ ability to locate information within three clicks or less.
    • Single user sign-on for IMA members to access all member information across multiple applications and platforms.
    • Ability for non-technical users across various IMA departments to maintain the site and support the needs of its worldwide membership without having to rely on limited IT resources.

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