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  • Fusion92 and Sitefinity serve enhanced online retail experience.

    • Sitefinity is great because it leverages all of Telerik’s controls to create an easy-to-develop, easy-to-deploy CMS.

      Author: Eric Leder Company: Fusion92

    • Client: Fusion92
    • Industry: Food & Beverages
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Fusion92
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    • Industry
      Food & Beverages /Retail
    • Background
      JONES DAIRY FARM is a sixth generation, family-owned and operated producer of fine meats for retail grocery chains and the foodservice trade.
    • Challenge
      To leverage current retail grocery brand loyalty to drive online sales JONES DAIRY FARM needed to completely re-engineer its existing website and eCommerce platform.
    • Technical Details
      The site was developed by seamlessly integrating Sitefinity CMS and AbleCommerce.
    • Why Sitefinity
      A key project requirement was for an intuitive, easy-to-use CMS WYSIWIG editor to allow non-technical users to easily maintain, update and expand the site.
    • Results
      The new website runs smoothly, processes orders and delivers a better customer experience. Most importantly to JONES, Sitefinity allows administrators to make timely updates quickly and easily.
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  • The Challenge

    As a Wisconsin-based, sixth generation family business, Jones’ products offer the old-fashioned quality one would expect from a family farm. However, the company website did not convey the same quality experience online as it did at the breakfast table. Like most companies, JONES DAIRY FARM recognized the need to improve upon its web presence to revamp their online strategy. With a strong retail grocery presence and a keen awareness to retain, win back and acquire customers through online means, Jones Dairy Farm needed to re-design, develop and deploy an accessible, useful, searchable and information centered eCommerce website.

    Digital innovation isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a family farm. As such, the Jones website presented several operational challenges both technically and aesthetically. Page load times were slow, the purchase process was confusing, manual order processing on the back end was cumbersome and online customer service was marginal at best. The home page navigation and product organization was confusing and didn’t allow consumers to find products, pricing and recipe information easily.

    In short, the new website needed to create the next step in a digital evolution of the site and help JONES DAIRY FARM create operational efficiencies that would drive retail sales.

    To further complicate the landscape, JONES DAIRY FARM had limited resources when it comes to CMS maintenance and administration. The ultimate CMS solution needed to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, with a WYSIWIG editor to allow inexperienced and non-technical users to manage a large volume of changing content quickly and efficiently.

    Since the entire purchase process and shopping cart experience needed to be streamlined and restructured, the CMS architecture also had to be flexible enough to integrate flawlessly with the AbleCommerce platform. With end-users in mind, the CMS system needed to work seamlessly to support more intuitive navigation and ultimately, help complete the purchase process to drive sales.

    We also knew that once the site was deployed, it would need to be found by major search engines. As part of phase two of Jones’ digital evolution, Fusion92 would need to collaborate with JONES DAIRY FARM by providing online marketing support via SEO, ad words (SEM), a Google Pay-per-click campaign, as well as banner ads and online/offline couponing. These efforts would need to be supported by a robust CMS that would support all of our search engine marketing efforts.

    The Solution

    In order to give JONES DAIRY FARM the flexibility to manage dynamic content and create new pages, Fusion92 migrated the existing site to the Sitefinity CMS onto a dedicated server.

    With shared content, a recipe database and the need for custom forms and a “current news” module, The Sitefinity system gave the Jones website a much more solid and robust platform and structure. Sitefinity also allowed Fusion92 to easily add and integrate custom modules that would enhance the website and user experience.

    Once the site had been migrated and re-designed, we reconfigured a new purchase process and streamlined the shopping cart experience using AbleCommerce.

    Sitefinity allowed us to integrate seamlessly with the AbleCommerce solution, giving us the flexibility to develop easy solutions for deploying coupons, bulk discounts and opt-in list management for e-mail marketing. Because of its many integration capabilities, Sitefinity shortened development and deployment timelines. Lastly, while the old site had search functionality, it never worked correctly, frustrating consumers. We implemented Sitefinity’s search indexing tool, which provided a solid solution that lets users find products quickly and consistently.

    The Results

    As a result of a more robust platform, the new JONES DAIRY FARM website runs more smoothly, processes orders much faster – and delivers a much richer customer experience. It is now easy to search for and find relevant information (product, price or recipe) quickly and efficiently.

    Most importantly, the Sitefinity CMS allows JONES DAIRY FARM to easily organize and update key product information and pricing, as well as maintain a huge recipe database that provides relevant (and current) information to consumers. The ability to administer the site’s content through a highly intuitive interface for non-technical users. These users were able to learn the Sitefinity CMS system administration in a matter of hours, not weeks. And the amount of time required for staff to publish information to the website has been greatly reduced – and with only a handful of resources, this is one of the most important successes of the Sitefinity CMS system.

    With increased levels of functionality and a consistent, solid platform, came increased opportunities to deliver the product, price and recipe information that Jones’ customers need regularly.

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