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  • Mr Rental Increased Mobile Transactions 138% with Their New Sitefinity Mobile Website



    Mr Rental is a team of business professionals committed to becoming the first choice for home appliance rentals across Australia and New Zealand. Since 1983, Mr Rental offers a range of home furniture and appliances including bedding, couches, televisions, game consoles and white goods that can be hired short term. The company offers unique flexible rentals where the customer can choose the various options. Mr Rental began franchising in 2001 and the Mr Rental family has grown to 70 franchisees in Australia and 19 franchisees in New Zealand. The company’s vision is, “wealthy thinking in an ever changing world” and to “make rental more attractive than ownership for everyone.” 

    UI Crew is a national web consultancy with disciplines in web design, programming, site performance, search marketing and web strategy. It empowers businesses to execute online strategies that deliver immediate and lasting results and help them plan for where they want to be in the future. Whether it be a website redevelopment, an innovative mobile website, a digital marketing campaign or a complete online strategy; the “Crew” draws on experience and expertise to provide valuable insight into the world of online media and digital marketing. UI Crew is also an early adopter of Telerik’s Sitefinity, having worked with multiple iterations of the CMS over the last several years.

    With a demographic of heavy mobile users, Mr Rental, the home appliance rental center for Australia and New Zealand needed a snappy mobile presence that was easy-to-use, could represent its 70+ products adequately and could provide ecommerce capabilities for immediate purchasing.

    After weighing options such as mobile website versus mobile app, Sitefinity partner, UI Crew, decided to move forward with Telerik’s Sitefinity because of its open architecture, usability and adoptability for content contributors, and its ecommerce engine.

    Within the first two months of the Mr Rental mobile site going live, the company recorded:

    • Mobile conversion rate up 108%
    • Mobile transactions up 138%
    • Revenue increases of 89% from mobile devices


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  • Mr Rental is a national home appliance rental company catering to residents across Australia and New Zealand. With a demographic of heavy mobile users, the company needed a mobile presence with ecommerce capabilities to allow for quick conversions. Leveraging Telerik Sitefinity CMS, Mr Rental worked with Sitefinity partner UI Crew who led development of a mobile website to better serve Mr Rental’s customers.

    With a target demographic of mothers with multiple children — who are also heavy mobile users — it was important for Mr Rental to have a snappy and easy-to-use mobile presence. The site also had to adequately represent the more than 70 products currently available. 

    In deciding its mobile strategy, the company had to be careful to pursue the “right” approach, or suffer a potential decrease in mobile web traffic. For example, since the majority of customers (roughly 45,000 unique visitors per month) would not be repeat website visitors, a mobile app would not be effective. Customers would not likely take the time and effort to download yet another app to evaluate and purchase items.

    Mr Rental had to address the needs of its mobile users head on. Therefore, the company needed a mobile website that would carry the brand appropriately, show products in an easily consumable manner, and provide real-time ecommerce capabilities to address the immediacy mobile users were looking for. The mobile site also had to be easy-to-use and require minimal training for Mr Rental’s content editors.

    UI Crew has leveraged many iterations of Telerik’s Sitefinity CMS while actively riding the wave of mobile progression. “Four or five years ago, mobile accounted for only 4% of our customer inquiries. Today on average it is responsible for more than 35% of customer interactions (first point of contact, repeat business and more) and this growth shows no signs of slowing,” says Seth Cleaver, UX Consultant, UI Crew. “Moreover, mobile customers are often more qualified purchasers, as they’re not ‘surfing the web’. They know what they want and don’t spend time shopping around, as do folks on desktop.”

    After weighing options such as a mobile website, mobile app and whether the company should leverage existing technology investments for the project, the team collectively decided to move forward with Telerik’s Sitefinity. Sitefinity was selected because of its open architecture (which makes for easier system integration), ease-of- use for content contributors, and its ecommerce engine.

    “Mr Rental has many people coming into the CMS to edit content and the ability to use the system effectively was of extreme importance. Sitefinity is a system the Mr Rental users quickly felt at home in. The administrative function is very intuitive and required minimal training. Users were up and running in no time," says Seth. As Mr Rental’s main website was already on Sitefinity, creating a mobile site on the same technology made the process very smooth. Using Sitefinity’s available template features, the development team leveraged much of the existing content already available on the main site.

    The ecommerce engine also showed immediate value. With Sitefinity Ecommerce, Mr Rental was able to simplify the process from 15 fields to eight. While the company captured less customer information, it ensured more user conversions, for added revenue.

    “We have used other ecommerce engines in the past and while the technology may be advanced, none of them combined ecommerce capabilities with the CMS – this was by far one of the best benefits for us,” says Seth.

    The mobile site took approximately two-and-a-half months to create and was launched with minimal fan-fair. However, even without marketing support, there was an immediate impact and notable uptick in traffic. “We saw an immediate increase in the number of pages being seen on the mobile site. There were also fewer bounces from the mobile site – less than any other web pages. Additionally, we noticed that while the desktop traffic fluctuated regularly, the mobile site stayed relatively the same,” says Seth.

    • Upon review of the mobile site after its first two months of operation, Mr Rental found some telling statistics on usage before and after the site was launched:
    • Prior to the mobile site launch, page views by mobile devices only accounted for around 14% of all page views. Today this figure has increased to 79%
    • Even with the page views up, users spent 38% less time on the site, meaning they browsed 79% more pages in almost half the time prior
    • There has been a 138% increase in inquiries from mobile devices due, in part, to a very quick user experience that garnered a favorable response
    • The bounce rate decreased by 41%
    • Mobile conversion rate was up 108%
    • Transactions were up 138%
    • Inquiries have increased by 89%

    “Having a mobile website was the right choice and Sitefinity CMS with Ecommerce was the backbone of our success. Having a vendor that could provide us with deployment options on methods for our mobile presence and then offer easy-to-use options and templates for launch, made all the difference,” said Seth. “Furthermore, we looked at other systems but none of them had a quality ecommerce component that integrated seamlessly. The fact that it could pull from the CMS put it heads above the rest and the results – increases in site visits, conversations, transactions and inquiries – demonstrate that we made the right choice.”

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