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Case Studies

  • The Cleveland Museum of Natural History uses Sitefinity to facilitate a major site upgrade

    • Sitefinity’s flexibility and extensibility made it the perfect platform for creating the functionality required for the new website

      Author: Big Tree Media Company: Big Tree Media

    • Client: The Cleveland Museum of Natural History
    • Industry: Non-Profit
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by:
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    • Industry
      Non Profit
    • Background
      The Cleveland Museum of Natural History was founded in 1920 to house Cleveland’s first natural history collections. Today, the Museum is considered one of the finest institutions of its kind in North America. Its mission emphasizes scientific research, conservation and education.
    • Challenge
      The Museum’s previous website was a case study for “how not to design website”, and it was completely inadequate for meeting the museum’s goal of making its complete range of offerings available to the public.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Sitefinity’s flexibility and workflow support was a perfect fit for getting large amounts of information on line quickly and in a controlled manner.
    • Results
      With the new web site, the museum now has an on line presence equal to any in the country and is preparing to move toward its ultimate goal of putting its entire collection on line.
  • Download PDF (318 KB)
  • The Challenge

    The Cleveland Museum of Natural History was faced with the challenge of getting information about its entire range of services and activities on line and available to the public and to the scientific community. The solution had to be flexible enough to provide information to a wide range of audiences, extensible enough to allow putting its entire collection of hundreds of thousands of items on line, and user-friendly enough to allow museum staff to control the entire collection, editing, and publishing process.

    The Museum’s old web site was outdated, poorly structured, could only be managed by both technical and non technical staff, and was clearly not up to the task. A new software platform was required, and the museum turned to Big Tree Media to help define a solution.

    The Solution

    Big Tree Media provided its own shopping cart system to handle the on-line sales function for the museum store, memberships, and ticket sales, and turned to Telerik’s Sitefinity CMS to get all the information about the Museum’s events, activities, and services on-line. Sitefinity’s workflow process was the perfect solution for gathering information from a wide range of sources, prepping it for publication, and getting it posted it to the new web site.

    The administrator in charge of an activity, the author of a scientific paper, or the curator of a part of the museum collection are all now responsible for submitting their own content for the web site. The information is vetted by the appropriate supervisory staff, and then approved and placed on line by the site’s publishing staff.

    Integrating the two applications went smoothly to create one seamless web site where the public can come to purchase items from the museum store or browse through the museum’s current activities and general information, and the scientific community can learn about the collection and collaborate on research.

    The Results

    Sitefinity’s ease of installation made the integration with the shopping cart and the conversion from the old site a quick and painless process.

    Sitefinity’s flexibility allowed museum staff to create the templates needed to present all of its varying kinds of information in a clean, consistent, and attractive manner.

    Sitefinity’s workflow gave the museum’s administrative staff the process and control it needed to insure the quality and consistency of the enormous amount of information that needed to be posted to the site.

    The new site has provided the Museum with an invaluable new tool for furthering its mission of scientific research, conservation and education. The museum’s full range of activities is on line and available to the public, so they can browse the site, see what exhibits are currently showing, and purchase tickets, and the museum now has the tools that allow it to begin to look toward its long term goal of getting its entire collection on line and available to the scientific community for on line research.


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