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  • How Sitefinity Transformed the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Website From a Brochure to an Easy to Manage Interactive Experience.

    • Sitefinity offered immediate, highly effective solutions in the design of the Nashville Chamber site. The functionality of the software was greatly valued by us as the web developer as well as the individuals who would later be charged with managing the site's content. Not only did we quickly see the benefit of Sitefinity in the first few hours of integrating it into the Nashville Chamber website, but we immediately began to formulate ways in which we could incorporate the platform into future projects.

      Author: JJ Rosen Company: Atiba Software and Consulting

    • Client: Nashville Chamber of Commerce
    • Industry: Non-Profit
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Atiba
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    • Industry
    • Background
      The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce is a central component of the city’s economy. The Chamber’s website presence is a key element in the success of many of the businesses across the city of Nashville, providing information and networking opportunities to members as well as businesses seeking to become more involved in Nashville’s marketplace.

      Members come to the site for a variety of information including networking events, speaker hosted functions, and area happenings of interest to those looking to widen their participation in the business community.
    • Challenge
      Because of the nature of the Chamber’s business, the website needed to evolve from a simple informational tool, to a widely appealing and marketable platform with numerous tools, dynamic content and complex features for potential and existing members.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Sitefinity offers an experience for the end-users as well as for the developers that is both easy to use and powerful. The combination of an intuitive administration, straightforward templating and customization options and a variety of tools to ensure pages are optimized for search engines made Sitefinity a clear choice. The features aligned with the low cost and great support made Sitefinity a clear choice.
    • Technical Details
      The Nashville Chamber of Commerce website was built in 3 months using Sitefinity and custom e-commerce code developed by Atiba. It is currently running on SQL Server 2008 and features a seamless integration with multiple 3rd party web services. The e-commerce system directly integrates into Sitefinity’s admin UI. Through Sitefinity’s administrative functions, integration has been both uncomplicated and glitch-free. The site is load balanced across multiple web servers in order to improve redundancy, stability and response time.
    • Results
      The Chambers new site has seen a 70% decrease in bounce rate, a 200% increase in page views and a 177% increase in time on the site.
  • Download PDF (264 KB)
  • The Challenge

    The Chamber’s website must appeal to a diverse mixture of current customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies and small business start-ups, to prospective chamber members and potential business partners. The website acts as a central location for every aspect of living and working in the middle Tennessee area, resulting in a vast amount of content that has to be seamlessly delivered to the searching site visitor. The site needs to offer easily searchable and attractive content for perusing guests as well as quickly accessible information for existing members. Another essential element of a site redesign must include a high level of functionality and ease of use for the chamber staff responsible for the website’s content.

    The Solution

    Atiba is an all purpose provider of website design, programming and networking services offering a wide range of technological expertise. Because of our dedication to our customers, all third party applications must meet a rigid set of standards that we have committed to. This assures that our customers are met with a consistently high level of service and support. Sitefinity fits that bill perfectly.

    Because we acted as both the designer and developer of the Chamber site, any content management platform had to ensure functionality and interactivity between these two elements of the site creation. Sitefinity allows for customizable solutions within an already easy to maintain platform. This was especially helpful in the design and build of the Nashville Chamber site. Sitefinity is ready made for easy modification, allowing us to tailor make the platform for our needs. The use of the design templates within the adaptable user interface allowed us to create a UI that gave us and our client everything we would need, and allowed us to bypass everything we wouldn’t. The built-in security features allowed us to create environments and workspaces for the various members of our client while assigning specific access levels to avoid potential mistakes.

    Sitefinity conveniently supports multiple databases, which allowed us to integrate it with SQL Server. Not only did this integration happen seamlessly, the custom-built e-commerce system that we created specifically for the Chamber site integrated with Sitefinity without issue as well. This flawless incorporation of 3rd party applications and web services was incredible and allowed us to easily centralize all the aspects and components of the site. 

    Sitefinity’s built-in SEO features allowed us to easily optimize the site for visibility on all the major search engines. The results of this feature alone have been well worth the price for both us and our client.

    The Results

    The Chambers new site has seen a 70% decrease in bounce rate, a 200% increase in page views and a 177% increase in time on the site.  Sitefinity has also offered unparalleled content management solutions for the Chamber staff.  The software has enabled the Chamber staff to more easily manage their own content and keep costs down by adding and editing specific areas of data on their site.

    Visitors of the new Chamber site report a dramatic improvement in overall functionality and content placement, a direct result of Sitefinity’s efforts in building software that is both customizable and intuitive. Overall, the utilization of Sitefinity for the Nashville Chamber website has been a remarkable success. Chamber employees continually positively comment on the level of control they have in easily managing essential elements of their site’s data, resulting in fewer HTML mistakes and a faster upload of fresh site content for site visitors.

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