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  • How Sitefinity Solved Pace Properties CMS Issues

    • It was during this project that we realized why this CMS is the best in the world. The flexibility and out of the box capabilities of Sitefinity are exceptional.

      Author: Harry Imster, President Company: The Foundry Software

    • Client: Pace Properties
    • Industry: Real Estate
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: The Foundry Software
    • Industry
      Real Estate
    • Background
      Pace Properties is a recognized leader in real estate investment and services. Since being founded in 1984, Pace has continued to create value for their clients through a broad knowledge of investment and real estate services. Experience, expertise and excellence combine to make Pace the pre-eminent real estate investment partner.
    • Challenge
      Pace needed to update the images and photography on their site to be bolder and more current. Also, Pace wanted to make it easier for site visitors to find information about their services and current property listings. Pace worked with Foundry to create their new website, update their images and integrate their properties with Google maps.
    • Why Sitefinity
      Pace has no internal programming or design capabilities so the requirement was for an intuitive CMS WYSIWIG editor that required no knowledge of markup or programming techniques.
    • Technical Details
      The Pace website took 2 months to build, and required the full time services of 1 developer and 1 designer. The site was developed in ASP.NET, SQL Server and Sitefinity CMS.
    • Results
      Pace is now able to keep their website up to date without expensive developer and designer costs as well as provide on-line listing information in real-time.
  • The Challenge

    Pace was faced with two challenges. The first was the need to have a website that could remain current and feature up-to-date information about their real estate projects. The second was to tie in property listings for their clients that provided an on-line searchable database of their listings and holdings.

    Pace has no internal programming or web design staff, and did not want to begin a costly maintenance cycle as new content or property listings came online. Additional requirements included:

    • Rotating  banners
    • Integration with Google Maps
    • Property Detail pages

    The Solution

    Pace hired The Foundry Software, a Telerik Service Partner, to implement Telerik’s Sitefinity CMS, and develop custom modules to meet their needs.

    As a listing broker, Pace serves several communities, including both prospective tenants as well as listing brokers who always need to keep their ear to the ground in terms of availability. In order to do this, Pace needed to implement news feeds that gather the attention of possible new business, present project case studies that demonstrate their capabilities, and give prospect customers access to contact their brokers and property managers.

    “The key difference between Sitefinity and other CMS systems, both proprietary and open source, is our ability to quickly build and implement custom modules that fit seamlessly into the content management system. The Telerik support team is easy to reach and responds promptly when questions arise regarding both end user and developer needs, " says Darchele Webb, Lead Developer at The Foundry Software.

    “The consistency of the Sitefinity implementation allows us to estimate development costs much more accurately, providing value to our clients, and profitability to our bottom line. On Sitefinity projects we do not need to fluff up our estimates to account for the unexpected”, adds Harry Imster, President, The Foundry Software.

    The Results
    Pace Properties was provided with a data-driven website developed in Microsoft .Net and SQL Server, all built within and managed by Telerik’s Sitefinity.

    The website is now maintained exclusively by Pace Properties. Web content is updated on a regular basis without the back and forth that was required in the past. Not only does this cut down on web-design and support costs, but also puts the power of publishing in the hands of those who should have it.

    The power of Sitefinity’s template driven, version controlled content engine allows ordinary end users to publish a professionally branded and effectively designed website without the use of development resources. Listing brokers subscribe to the news feed to keep up to date, and return to the site far more often than in the past.

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