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  • Sitefinity Makes it Fun and Easy to Manage the Pelly Construction Website

    • As an interface designer, I have particularly high standards for how software should look and function. We’ve tried several good CMS systems over the years, but Sitefinity tops them all when it comes to user experience, performance and visual appeal. Sitefinity is now our go-to solution for a website CMS.

      Author: Geof Harries, Design Director Company: Subvert Marketing Inc.

    • Client: Pelly Construction
    • Industry: Construction
    • Project website:
    • Implemented by: Subvert
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    • Industry
    • Background
      Based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Pelly Construction is Northern Canada’s premier heavy construction and contract mining company, with a wealth of experience in remote mountainous terrain under adverse weather and ground conditions.
    • Challenge
      Pelly Construction needed a website that could showcase their extensive project experience in some of the most remote and difficult areas of the world. As this was to be their first website, Pelly also had high expectations for quality of design, content and functionality.
    • Why Sitefinity
      As Pelly has limited IT resources, they needed an easy-to-use, reliable CMS that makes website maintenance a breeze for many different staff. Subvert chose Sitefinity because the product is not only user-friendly and attractive, but it’s professionally supported, very extensible and simple when it comes to building custom modules and controls.
    • Technical Details
      Pelly’s website uses Sitefinity 3.7 and runs on IIS 7, Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008. Subvert employed our designer and developer, while the client’s team provided text, videos and photographs. The website is hosted by Rackspace Cloud.
    • Results
      Sitefinity has proven itself to be exactly what we hoped: an easy, flexible and attractive CMS that makes the Pelly website fun to visit and maintain.
  • Download PDF (192 KB)
  • The Challenges
    Despite being founded in 1987, Pelly Construction had never owned a website. In fact, they’d never really needed a website. The company’s long history of successful projects and strong client relationships was enough to grow the company to over 250 employees. When Pelly finally decided to pursue a website for their business, they hired Subvert to create an attractive, interesting and informative online presence that would help expand their reach.

    A particular challenge with the website was the gathering and organization of content. For many website projects, it’s difficult for the agency to obtain content from the client, but in the case of Pelly, it was more about content overload. For example, Pelly staff provided Subvert with thousands of stunning photographs that we needed to sort through and determine which would make it onto the website. Furthermore, we needed to create the scalable design and technical functionality to showcase these images in all their glory, for the long-term.

    The Solution
    Subvert chose Sitefinity because the software is easy-to-use, very extensible and professionally supported. As a big part of our own business is enterprise software interface design, we have strong opinions of what an interface should look like and how it should perform. In this regard, Sitefinity does not disappoint. We knew that if we provided Pelly Construction with a website running on Sitefinity, we’d be putting our best foot forward; their staff would feel comfortable, in control and enjoy the experience of site management.

    Sitefinity made our job of converting static HTML pages to modular templates incredibly quick and easy; the fact that our developer could use Master Pages to build the website was a huge boon to productivity. The Sitefinity File Manager made it very simple to manage project photo slideshows; a task that Pelly staff could now look after on their own.

    As far as custom elements, we built our own control for the website’s “Our Projects” section: a Google Maps API implementation means it is fun to explore Pelly’s various project locations in Northern Canada and Antarctica. We then tied this control back into Sitefinity so that it’s easy for us to add new plots and projects at any time.

    The Results
    Thanks to Sitefinity’s built-in CMS features and modules, we were able to get the most common website functionality up and running in less than two days; great for keeping client communication lines open and the project moving forward.

    Pelly Construction now has a website that can be used to generate leads and support its sales process at conferences and conventions. Sitefinity makes it simple for Pelly staff to manage all website content themselves and add or edit new information when they see fit.

    Subvert involved both our designer and developer to build the website. We found it very easy to customize and bend Sitefinity to suit our needs. The result has been that Pelly’s site is now garnering regular, top quality visitor traffic: low bounce rate, lengthy time spent and a high average number of page views. Many people have also complimented Subvert and Pelly on the website’s visual design and functionality.

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